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Thema: SH 3 Riddle hard

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    Nov 03

    SH 3 Riddle hard


    Habe auch das 2er scho auf Riddle Hard geknackt und bin beim 3er gerade dabei. Das Shakespeare Teil am anfang war schon recht übel vorallem wenn man nur einen Teil kennt und nicht alle

    Spoiler *****

    Ich bin gerade im Krankenhaus und brauche den Zahlencode für die Tür die zu (2f im westen) Text steht links. Wie soll man da bitte auf eine Kombination kommen ?

    Danke schonmal

    Spoiler ende ****

    Gruß Miotoki
    "When the world reaches its end, a paradise will appear somewhere... but only wolves will know the way"

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    The Living Dead Benutzerbild von Zo(v)BiE
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    Aug 03
    wie man auf die Kombination kommt weiss ich nicht aber ich kann dir die Lösung sagen

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    Nov 03

    Ne thx , will wissen wie ma drauf kommt, Lösung is langweilig, hoffe ma, dass einer es weiß. Ich bin immer noch am knobeln

    Gruß Miotoki
    "When the world reaches its end, a paradise will appear somewhere... but only wolves will know the way"

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    Nov 03
    Silent Hill
    I hab das Silent Hill 3 auch mit Riddle level Hart angefangen! Kannst du mir bitte die Lösung des Shakespear Rätsels ERKLÄREN! I hab die Lösung, weiß aber nicht warum
    Könntest du mir die Lösung bitte logisch erklären? Vielen Dank im voraus!

    Greez Snake

    The Life of all Flesh is the Blood..

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    Mitspieler Benutzerbild von Miotoki
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    Nov 03
    Also habe hier was gefunden stammt aber nich von mit

    Hard - Clue:
    "In here is a tragedy --- art thou player or audience? Be as it
    may, the end doth remain: all go on only toward death.
    The first words at thy left hand: a false lunacy, a madly dancing
    man. Hearing unhearable words, drawn to a beloved's grave---and
    there, mayhap, true madness at last.
    As did this one, playing at death, find true death at the last.
    Killing a nameless lover, she pierced a heart rent by sorrow.
    Doth lie invite truth? Doth verity but wear the mask of
    falsehood? Au, thou pitiful, thou miserable ones!
    Still amidst lies, through the end cometh not, wherefore yearn
    for death? Wilt thou attend thy beloved? Truths and lies, life and
    death: a game of turning white to black and black to white.
    Is not a silence brimming with love more precious than flattery?
    A peaceful slumber preferred to a throne besmirched with blood?
    One vengeful man spilled blood for two; Two youths shed tears for
    three; Three witches disappeared thusly; And only the four keys
    Ah, but verily... In here is a tragedy---art thou player or
    audience? There is nothing which cannot become a puppet of fate or
    an onlooker, peering into the cage."
    Once you've gotten over the fact that you're clearly going to need
    some basic knowledge of Shakespeare to get around this one, then you
    might be on your way. If you never have then it's probably why you're
    reading this section. And no, Heather isn't much help. She only can
    remember a line from Macbeth. Most of the others she's never read.
    Seeing as I don't want to go through the entire push on this answer
    I'll leave it for the later puzzles section, however here I will
    roughly explain how you get your answer.
    Let's start where we should at the start. As with some other classic
    Silent Hill puzzles, the first and last paragraphs don't really mean
    anything. It's just mostly there to confuse you on your starting and
    ending points.
    The first words of the second paragraph ("at thy left hand") in
    this context mean we are starting from the left side of the row.
    Generally makes sense doesn't it? The remainder of this first
    section of text are all obvious references to Hamlet. So this is the
    first book in the order.
    The next paragraph contains clear references to Romeo And Juliet.
    I would believe this one would be the easiest to get with little
    knowledge of these works, as most people know this story these days
    than any other. So this is a good starting point for a lot of people.
    The next paragraph after this one I personally couldn't get because
    it's vague, but seeing as it's the only one you can't get a grip
    for and you're only left with one book in the end, then this seems
    it is supposed to represent the remaining one. More on that soon.
    The following one contains more clear references thankfully, to King
    Lear. Well generally it was only the first one I understood because
    it was all I could remember. I've honestly never read King Lear, but
    I've sat through enough English classes in my life to remember
    at least something or two about it.
    Continuing on, the next paragraph, the remaining throne related book
    is of course Macbeth, as the reference will indeed fit. Four of five
    books are in their right places - Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, a gap,
    King Lear and Macbeth. That just leaves Othello to go into the middle
    - giving you the numerals IV, I, V, II, and III (4, 1, 5, 2, 3).
    But this is 5 books, 5 numbers, and you need a 4 number code. And you
    still have of course one paragraph left. Guess we're not finished
    This last paragraph is not your normal one either. It seems to cover
    some facts of things, but also involves numbers and is broken up by
    semicolons. How does it work? Well quite easily. Just ask yourself
    the following questions.
    - Which vengeful man spilt the blood of TWO people?
    It was HAMLET! So now you have two times 4 (or IV) which is 8.
    - Which two youths who cried for THREE people?
    That's ROMEO AND JULIET. 3 times 1 (or I) is 3.
    - What THREE witches disappeared?
    What about the witches from MACBETH? Take away the 3 on the end and
    you now have four numbers. With the new numbers you got from these
    questions you know have the four numbers you need for the code lock.
    Oh yeah, a final note. This code never changes of course... so once
    you've done the puzzle once, you'll never have to do this puzzle
    again - so long as you remember the final number that is.

    so wer wie anderen Hirnzermalenden Rätzel nicht lösen kann/will oder so sollte ma hier vorbei schauen, würde es aber auf jeden erstmal selbt versuchen, bei machen Sachen ist eine Randomfunktion eingebaut sehr nett ^^


    Gruß Miotoki
    "When the world reaches its end, a paradise will appear somewhere... but only wolves will know the way"

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    Mitspieler Benutzerbild von Trancer2003
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    Dec 03
    Im Haus mit Dach und Türen

    Arrow silent hill 3 zugangscode f2 im krankenhaus

    halo erstmal

    also ich bin grade dabei im normal durchzu spielen weil ich die anderen teile noch nicht gespielt habe.
    bin beeindruckt vom game
    im bücherladen müßen in einer reihe bücher auf dem boden liegen. wenn du die richtig in das regal daneben stellst sollte sich der code ergeben.
    allerdings bin ich auf normal dabei und weis nicht obs im schwer auch so ist.
    viel glück

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