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Thema: - Dark Chronicle Lösungen und Tips! -

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    Sep 03

    Hilfe Rot werden

    Hi Tadini,
    brauchst Du nicht. Lob ist Lob und was wahr ist muß wahr bleiben.
    Ich hätte das nicht gekonnt. Deswegen ich finde es ganz ganz
    große Klasse von DIR.!!

    Und mit der Liste wo man welche Idee findet ist eine gute Idee.!
    Liebe Grüße Rekreeye
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    "Wer lesen kann, ist klar im Vorteil."


    Ich grüße tadini, Lamborghini, RareHunter, Wusch, Zockerin, fagiffnift, Chester, Pannepaul und VitaminC.

    Juhu, juhu, ich habe ihn, den DS. Das macht tierisch Spaß. Habe Mario und Wario Ware touched.

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    Ja tadini, wie gesagt, tolle Arbeit.. Ich werde natürlich nicht gelobt für meine tolle Arbeit. ^^

    Naja, ich hab das Game hoffentlich bald auch.

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    Hier sind noch Action Replay 2 Codes, für Leute die gerne cheaten. Ich persönlich mag sowas nicht, aber trotzdem:

    Dark Chronicle / Dark Cloud
    Playstation 2
    PAL ARv2

    Codes by ace1 & FCD

    0E3C7DF2 1853E59E

    Inf Gilda
    D1D6D612 BC413102

    Max Codes

    Inf Health
    D1DAE446 00225B83
    D1DAE442 00225B83

    Weapon 1 WHP
    D1DADBC6 FE6F9B83
    D1DADBC2 FE6F9B83

    Weapon 1 Synth Points

    Weapon 1 Weap+

    Weapon 1 Attack

    Weapon 1 Durable

    Weapon 1 Flame

    Weapon 1 Chill

    Weapon 1 Lightning

    Weapon 1 Cyclone

    Weapon 1 Smash

    Weapon 1 Excorsism

    Weapon 1 Beast

    Weapon 1 Scale

    Weapon 2 WHP
    D1DADAAA 00225B83
    D1DADAB6 00225B83

    Weapon 2 Synth Points

    Weapon 2 Weap+

    Weapon 2 Attack
    C1DADA44 BCA99BE6

    Weapon 2 Durable
    C1DADA46 BCA99BE6

    Weapon 2 Flame
    C1DADA40 BCA99BE6

    Weapon 2 Chill
    C1DADA42 BCA99BE6

    Weapon 2 Lightning

    Weapon 2 Cyclone

    Weapon 2 Smash
    C1DADA48 BCA99BE6

    Weapon 2 Excorcism

    Weapon 2 Beast
    C1DADA54 BCA99BE6

    Weapon 2 Scale
    C1DADA56 BCA99BE6

    Monica Codes

    Inf Health
    D1DAD9CA 00225B83
    D1DAD9D6 00225B83

    Weapon 1 WHP
    D1DADF4A FE6F9B83
    D1DADF56 FE6F9B83

    Weapon 1 Synth Points

    Weapon 1 Weap+

    Weapon 1 Attack
    C1DADF64 BCA99BE6

    Weapon 1 Durable
    C1DADF66 BCA99BE6

    Weapon 1 Flame
    C1DADF60 BCA99BE6

    Weapon 1 Chill
    C1DADF62 BCA99BE6

    Weapon 1 Lightning

    Weapon 1 Cyclone

    Weapon 1 Smash
    C1DADF68 BCA99BE6

    Weapon 1 Excorsism

    Weapon 1 Beast
    C1DADF74 BCA99BE6

    Weapon 1 Scale
    C1DADF76 BCA99BE6

    Weapon 2 WHP
    D1DADF3E FE6F9B83
    D1DADF3A FE6F9B83

    Weapon 2 Synth Points

    Weapon 2 Weap+

    Weapon 2 Attack

    Weapon 2 Durable

    Weapon 2 Flame

    Weapon 2 Chill

    Weapon 2 Lightning

    Weapon 2 Cyclone

    Weapon 2 Smash

    Weapon 2 Excorcism

    Weapon 2 Beast

    Weapon 2 Scale


    Und hier kommt ein Bild für den Waffenaufbau!:

    Und hier noch in englisch, wie man Spheda spielt:

    An Introduction to Spheda:

    Spheda is an interesting little mini game that you get to play in DC2. It
    can be a lot of fun if you know what you're doing. On the other hand, if you
    don't, it can be quite frustrating and make you want to break things. So, to
    save yourself some broken merchandise, read through this guide and hopefully
    you can improve your swing.

    The first time you run into Spheda, it might make you want to scream if
    you're not sure how to play. The game's descriptions aren't all that helpful,
    either. I remember the first time I played I could not get the hang of it to
    save myself. The game makes it seem a little bit confusing, and takes a little
    bit of tinkering to figure it out on your own. I'd like to spare you the grief,
    and let you know how the game works.

    Your first go at it is in Barga's Valley, on your quest to find the 'White
    Windflower'. This is where you will find the 'Handy Stick' which I will fur-
    ther describe in the Clubs section. After you get the stick, you go back and
    talk to Monica and you get to see the joy that is Spheda for the first time.
    You can toy around with it and see how you do. If you can't quite get the hang
    of it, do not fear for all is not lost. You do not have to play spheda to ad-
    vance in the game. If you can't get it, give up and Monica will do it for you.
    Spheda is not a requirement to beat DC2.

    So why should you bother with playing Spheda?

    *If you clear the distortion on your own in Barga's Valley, you will recieve
    the 'Swan Club'. This is a pretty good club to have. If you don't win it
    though, you can buy it later, or find it in chests. You will get the 'Turkey
    Club' instead if Monica does it for you.

    *After your first bout with Spheda, new medal goals will be opened up in the
    levels to where you can play spheda after you defeat all the monsters. If you
    fix the distortion, you will recieve a medal for completing the goal (first
    time only). If you plan to obtain enough medals to buy all of Mayor Needs
    outfits, you might want to brush up on Spheda.

    *In addition to the medals, you will get a treasure chest for fixing the dis-
    tortions. The first time you clear it in a stage, you get what I will refer
    to as 'super prizes'.These are typically better items than you would find in
    a regular treasure chest. After you clear it the first time, you will still
    get a prize for repeat spheda wins, but it will be a lesser prize. I will go
    into more detail on prizes in the 'Prize' section.

    *A new NPC will also be available to recruit in Palm Brinks. Mena can be
    found in city hall. She's the one that always complains of illness. Well,
    if you talk to her as Monica, you will find out more about her illness, and
    that if you repair 10 distortions, she will probably feel better. Cure what
    ails her, and you will have her on your train.

    *It's a fun way to pass the time. Makes a nifty reward for killing all the
    monsters, and makes the dungeon crawling less repetitive.

    *The satisfaction of being 'good' at Spheda.

    Spheda Practice:

    After you finish chapter 7, a new area will open up in the extras menu
    for Spheda Practice. This is set up basically like playing a game of golf.
    You can get plenty of practice here so you can master the art of Spheda on
    your next play through.

    Spheda Basics:
    Look in the Spheda Strategies section for details on how to play Spheda.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    When Spheda first becomes available to you, you will find the 'Handy Stick'
    laying around. This will be the first club you will use in order to help Borga
    fix the distortion in her nest. As a reward, not only will you recieve the
    'White Wind Flower', you will also recieve the 'Swan' Spheda Club. However,
    this is only if you do it yourself. If you give up and let Monica fix the dis-
    tortion for you, you will recieve the 'Turkey' club instead, from what I've
    heard. Throughout the game, you will be able to purchase and find clubs in
    chests. The clubs can also be built up and used just as you would a wrench,
    however they aren't very strong, and in my opinion building them up is useless.
    But if you wish to do so, here is the buildup order:

    Handy Stick-Cannot be Built up


    OKay, you are probably wondering what is the difference between the clubs?
    Well, I'm going to tell you.

    ================================================== =============================
    Ratings: * It sucks. Terribly. ** It's pretty close to suckville. Good luck
    *** Good **** Even better ***** Awesome in every aspect
    ================================================== =============================
    Handy Stick: ***
    The Handy Stick is pretty good. It has decent power, and the most room
    for error. If you are having trouble with Spheda, hang on to this. Besides,
    you only get 1 gilda for selling it. This is the best club to use if you
    aren't having any luck in Spheda.

    The Turkey: ***
    The Turkey is best for short shots. It doesn't have a very high power
    hit, but this makes it perfect for those shots where you are really close to
    the distortion and don't want to risk overshooting. It's pretty easy to get a
    straight shot with the Turkey because it gives you plenty of room for error.
    This club also works great with backspin. It also does okay with curved shots.

    The Swan: ****
    The Swan is a really great club. You can use this for fairly long shots.
    True, it won't shoot as far as the Albatross, but it does good for itself. It's
    very easy to get a straight shot with the swan because it, like the turkey,
    gives you plenty of room for error. On the downside, curved shots sometimes
    have a tendency to go crazy. Topspin works beautifully, however backspin some-
    times backspins a bit too much.

    The Flamingo: *****
    The Flamingo, in my opinion, is the best club of all. You have decent
    amount of room for error. You get good distance. It handles curved shots won-
    derfully well. Topspin and Backspin also work decently with this club. The
    Flamingo is a deffinite must have in any Spheda collection.

    The Falcon: **
    The Falcon is for the Spheda player looking for a challenge. This club
    gets good distance, and handles backspin, topspin, and curved shots well. How-
    ever, you have very little room for error, and this is where the difficulty in-
    serts itself. If you have excellent hand-eye coordination, go for it. If not,
    don't bother.

    The Albatross: *
    The Albatross is only for expert Spheda players. This club has the high-
    est power, and excellent handling on all aspects of Spheda, however, there is
    literally NO room for error. This can prove very difficult and frustrating.
    If you are glutton for punishment, give it a go. But you will find that land-
    ing a shot with this club will take extreme concentration and hand-eye coor-
    ================================================== =============================

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    How to Play:

    Well, first you need to locate the sphere. It will be either a red or blue
    ball with a number above it. The number is how many shots you have. After
    you've used up all your shots, the sphere will disappear if you don't land it
    in the distortion. The color of it is very important too. It has to be the
    opposite color of the distortion to hit it in. So, if the distortion is Red,
    you need to try to turn the sphere blue before hitting it in, and vice versa.
    Bouncing it on any surface hard enough will change the colors. Okay anyway,
    after you find your sphere, you need to have a club equipped on Max. Max is
    the only one that can play Spheda, so you need to be playing as him. Approach
    the sphere and press 'X'. Your next step is to line up the shot.

    Lining up your Shot:

    Making sure you can get a good shot is perhaps the most important aspect
    of Spheda. You can gauge where your shots are going to go by lining up the
    yellow dots on your screen. You can affirm that you are going in the correct
    direction by checking the red dots on your map. You can move the map around,
    by the way, using the directional pad if it is in your way, or turn it off
    completely using select; however, I would not recommend the latter unless it
    is just really bad in the way. The map is a very important helper in Spheda.
    As soon as you have your angles lined up correctly, it is time decide how much
    power to use.

    The Power Meter:

    At the bottom of the screen you will see the power bar. It looks some-
    thing like this:

    power hit:
    =====================|=====================[\\red\\|yellow|//red//]== 129m

    The power hit number will vary depending on what club you are using, as
    will the red and yellow areas (Some clubs do not have much if any of a red or
    yellow area). The power bar is what you will use to hit the ball with basic-
    ally. After you line up your shot, you will press 'X' to start the power
    meter going. How far to the left the meter goes is how hard you will hit
    the sphere.
    Before you start the meter up though, you need to figure out how much
    power you need to get the sphere where you want it. This is where the power
    hit number, the map, a little bit of basic math, and the distance to goal num-
    ber comes into play. First, look at your map. Figure out how many shots
    minimum it is going to take to get the sphere to the distortion. Next, deter-
    mine how far you can hit it on the first shot (For example, if you have to go
    around 5 corners, and the corners are all close together, you will want to
    start off by using light hits until you are around the corners. Or, if you
    have a really long hallway that is straight, you will want to use considerably
    more power if you need to get it to the end of that corridor. After you have
    played Spheda a few times, you may want to try using angles, bouncing off of
    the walls and such and getting around 2 or even 3 corners with one swing. For
    now though, just take it easy, one corner at a time, until the distortion is
    in view or at least a straight shot away).
    Once you determined how far you can hit, decide what kind of power you
    want to use and press 'X' again to set your power. Next, watch the moving bar
    until it gets into the yellow area on the meter. Press 'X' once more while it
    is in the yellow area to get a good shot. If you get it in the red area, you
    still might get an okay shot, but it also likely to mess it up. If you are not
    in any of the red or yellow colored areas, your shot is terrible and its going
    to take a miracle to land it where you intended it to go.
    As soon as the distortion comes into view, it is time to make the final
    and most crucial shot. It is really easy to overshoot or undershoot, or to
    accidentally bounce too much to the wrong color, or to not bounce at all when
    you need a different color. I'm going to break the final shot down into two

    You already have the correct color:
    For this, you need a straight shot into the distortion. You do not
    want it to bounce so you must be sure not to undershoot it. Look at the
    distance to goal number, and your power hit number. This is how you will
    determine how hard to hit it. For instance, if your power hit number was
    100, and your distance to goal was 20, you want to use about 25-30% power.
    Always add about 5 or 10% to your power because if you don't you will
    probably undershoot it. Don't add too much though because that will cause
    you to overshoot, and while sometimes overshooting works out okay, a lot
    of times it will cause the sphere to fly up too high and straight over the
    distortion. Be careful. If you adjust it just right, you should land the
    sphere right into the distortion and claim your prize.

    You need to change the color:
    This can be done in a few different ways. If you have more than one
    shot, just go ahead and shoot it against a wall or up straight in the air
    or some- thing, just enough to make it bouce to a different color. Don't
    hit it too hard or you may end up sending it too far away from the
    distortion. After you get the color changed, refer to the above paragraph
    (You already have the correct color).
    If you are down to one shot, you are going to have to be a little bit
    more crafty. Sometimes you will get lucky and it will have set you up for
    an easy off the wall-into the distortion shot. These are great when they
    work. It is, however, very easy to misjudge you angles and end up shooting
    to far in front or behind the distortion. Use this method carefully.
    My preferred method of sinking it in with one shot left is to bounce
    it on the floor. This is done by lining up your shot into the air at about

    a 45 degree angle. As to how hard to hit it, it depends on how close you
    are. Look at the the distance to goal number. Look at your power hit
    number. If your power hit is 100, and you are 20 from goal, you will want
    to hit it at about 20-25% power. With a little bit of luck and good
    judgement, you will sink the sphere deep into the distortion.

    Moving the Sphere:
    Sometimes the sphere will get in a position that you can't get to due a
    slightly glitchy nature of some dungeons. If you need to pull the sphere to
    you, stand where you have a good angle for a shot (have to be within certain
    distance of the sphere, about 10 or so game feet) and press 'Square'. It
    will ask you if you want to move the sphere for one penalty point. What this
    means is, you lose one shot. The interesting thing about this function is
    that you can still do it if you only have one shot left. Since you only have
    one, it can't take that shot away. So its basically a freebie. Take
    advantage of this feature. A lot of times when you are down to one shot, you
    will realize that if you were only a few feet away or just around the corner,
    you would have a perfect shot. Well, now you can be. Just get where you are
    lined up with the distortion, and press square. If you don't get the pop up,
    keep taking a step closer to the sphere, and press square again, repeating
    this process untill you get the pop up and still have the best shot possible.

    Advanced Spheda Swings:

    You can do more than just plain old straight shots in Spheda. This is ac-
    complishedby using Topspin, Backspin, Hook, and Slice. To use these features,
    you just press the left analog in the direction indicated by the display (in
    the lower left hand corner of the screen) while your power bar is in motion.
    You will notice the red dot move to the direction pressed on the display if
    done correctly.
    To better define what I'm talking about, refer to the basic play instruct-
    ions above. After you press 'X' to start the power bar moving, is the time to
    press in the direction of the action you wish do. Hold the left analog in that
    direction until after you've pressed 'X' again to stop the power bar. Then you
    can let go of the analog, and watch your swing.
    Now I will describe each of the four advanced swings:

    Topspin is used to make the sphere go a little bit further than you would
    normally be able to hit it. This is good to use on those distant shots when
    you're not quite sure if you can make it with a regular swing. Topspin is per-
    formed by pressing up on the left analog while the power bar is in motion.

    Backspin is if you don't want to overshoot something, or you don't want
    to go off a ledge or off course. It's also good for those shots where it
    sticks you really close to the distortion with the same color. Sometimes
    you can use the backspin just right so that it bounces back into the
    distortion after turning colors. This isn't foolproof though. Backspin
    is performed by pulling down on the left analog while the power bar is in

    Hook & Slice:
    Hook and Slice can be a little tricky sometimes until you get the hang of
    it anyway. While Hook is performed by pushing to the right on the analog, it
    actually curves to the left, and vice versa with Slice. These actions are
    great for getting around obstacles. The best way to get the hang of these
    functions are to just play around with it a little bit. Once you get a feel
    for it, you'll be sailing the sphere around any obstacle that dares to stand
    in your way.

    Per Dungeon Tips:

    Underground Channel:
    Okay, simply put, spheda is a little bit annoying down here. All the
    little water spots along the edges are out of bounds, so you have to be
    careful not to land a ball in there. The turkey is probably the best club
    to use in here, because of all the corners and edges. This way you can just
    kind of putt your way to the distortion. Use backspin at your own discretion,
    as it tends to get away from you on this surface.

    Rainbow Butterfly Wood:
    This place can be very difficult for some, and very easy for others. The
    advantage here is that you don't have walls, so you can shoot over the trees.
    The downside is, you get very few shots, and there are a lot of out of bounds
    areas. Landing a shot in here is about 90% luck, and 10% skill. So, that
    being said, Good Luck. Shoot through the trees by lining up your shots in
    between the breaks in trees. If you go off course, just keep trying. You'll
    get it eventually. I recommend the Swan club for this dungeon, and take
    advantage of your topspin.

    Starlight Canyon:
    I had a lot of fun and a lot of ease in Starlight Canyon. You have vast
    open areas, and its usually pretty easy to land the shot in 1 or 2 swings.
    Sometimes it can be a little tricky when you have to go around corners, but
    you will quickly get the hang of it. The Flamingo is an excellent club to
    use here, to handle any curved shots you may need to make.

    Ocean Roar Cave:
    Okay. This place is super easy. There are rarely any off course areas
    here. This is a big spheda playground. You really should not have any prob-
    lems here, except for occasionally getting a ball stuck on the wall. Speak-
    ing of walls, the walls here are uneven, so I wouldn't try any fancy off the
    wall shots. You really won't need them though. The Swan or Flamingo should
    work just fine in here.

    Mount Gundor:
    Okay, the fun is over. Mount Gundor is Spheda Hell. It's underground
    channel difficulty times 20. The edges are jagged, the walls are uneven, and
    you will see off course so often you will swear it says "Of Course!" instead.
    I suggest using the Turkey, and taking baby steps through this one. One benefit
    is that they usually give you a lot of shots to make it in. Just try your best
    not to waste them, because you are going to need all the shots you can get.
    Backspin works beautifully in here, and will be your best friend.

    Moon Flower Palace:
    Yay! Spheda Paradise! This is 10 times easier that Ocean Roar Cave. Any
    Club will do just fine. There are barely any off course areas, and the walls
    are flat for the most part. You can get creative with your shots in here. One
    thing to be careful about is the chandeliers hanging in the hallways. If you
    shoot too high, a lot of times it will hit that and bounce right back to you.
    Other than that, this place really doesn't need any tips. Just have fun with
    it. Enjoy your reward.

    Zelmite Mine:
    This place is only difficult at first. After you get used to it, it is
    super easy to land your shots. Take advantage of the wooden support beams
    everywhere. They make great places to bounce shots off of. The flamingo works
    wonderfully in here, as curved shots can be very helpful and surprisingly easy
    to pull off.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Okay. I've noticed on the message boards, a lot of people would like to know
    what prizes they can get for spheda, and how the prize system works. Well, the
    first time you beat spheda in a level, there is a set prize. After that, you
    can play again, and you will still get a prize, however you won't get the
    (sometimes) awesome prize you get the first time. I'm not sure if the prize
    becomes random, or a new set prize (however I do intend to find out). I have
    noticed on some stages the second prize stays the same. As soon as I know I
    will update this FAQ. I got the original information for this list out of the
    Prima official strategy guide. Some of the quantity numbers were, however,
    incorrect, and I have corrected the ones I have noticed in my list. If you
    spot any other errors that I didn't catch, let me know and I will fix it.

    So on with the list.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    To the outside world- 2 treasure chest keys
    Battle with rats - Diamond
    Ghost in the channel - 4 improved bombs
    Steve's Battle - 2 level up powders
    Sweet Scary Treasure chest - Treasure chest key

    Frightening forrest - 3 treasure chest keys
    Strange tree - 2 Resurrection Powder
    Rolling Shells - 3 Stamina drinks
    This is a geostone? - 2 level up powders
    Noise in the forrest - 2 Stamina drinks
    I'm a pixie - 4 armband repair powders
    Legendary killer snake - 4 gun repair powders
    -ch 6 levels-
    Looking for the earth gem - 3 gift capsules
    Something Rare here! - Ama no murakumo
    Scary Tree - 3 final bombs

    Headlong dash - Ruby
    Fire and ice dont mix - 2 level up powders
    Earth shaking demon - amethyst
    Powerful yo yo robot - Topaz
    Elephan army in valley - 4 stamina drinks
    Dangerous treasure chest - Indestructible coin
    Little Dragon Counterstrike - 2 level up powders
    Warrior in starlight canyon - 5 wind stones
    Smiling fairy village - 4 improved bombs
    Cursed mask - 5 lightning stones
    Were the roly poly brothers - bulls eye coin
    Dragon slayer - poison coin
    Rama priests like cheese - 3 wind crystals
    Natures threat - turquoise
    Moon baron - level up powder
    Lighthouse appears - Indestructible coin

    --ch 6 levels --
    Looking for the wind gem - opal
    Evil spirit in the valley - level up powder
    Brave warriours in the valley - 2 resurrection powder

    Sand moloers - 5 stamina drinks
    Bat den - Pearl
    Pirates hideout - 5 chill crystals
    Wandering zappy - level up powder
    Banquet of the dead - absorption coin
    Improvements - 5 treasure chest keys

    --ch 6 lvls--
    Looking for the water gem - 2 Resurrection powder
    Pirates Revenge - 5 treasure chest keys
    Death ocean - level up powder

    Battle with griffon's army - level up powder
    Mt gundor wind - 5 treasure chest keys
    Little dranon on the mountain - level up powder
    Steam goyone - resurrection powder
    Mountain baddie appears - bandit coin
    Magmanoff - ruby
    Danger zone - 2 mighty healing
    Secret of fire mountain - amethyst
    Deathtrap - topaz
    Desperation on the mountain - level up powder
    Pains in the neck - indestructible coin
    Walking the path of flames - 2 resurrection powder
    Burning undead - 2 level up powders
    Fire dragon - indestructible coin
    Treasure chest danger zone - sapphire
    Road to the river of flames - turquoise

    --ch 6 lvls-
    Looking for the fire gem - level up powder
    Explosive hot spring - 2 mighty healing
    Crazy mountain - wealth coin

    Ancient wind - level up powder
    Card warriors gather - 5 treasure chest keys
    Dangerous treasure - 5 holy stones
    Zombie zone - 2 resurrection powder
    Missing gem dealer - level up powder
    Max's longest day - 5 destruction crystals
    Hells corridor - level up powder
    Monica all alone - level up powder
    Raging spirits - 2 resurrection powder
    Lonely machine - 5 lightneing stones
    Nobility - 2 resurrection powder
    Palace watchdog - time coin
    Road to memories - 4 double puddings
    Final trump card - bandit coin
    Elemental party - 2 resurrection powder
    Wandering knights soul - level up powder
    Beware carelessness - 5 treasure chest keys
    Final battle - 5 holy stones
    Feeling out of place - level up powder
    Living stature - 2 gold bars
    Danger zone - emerald
    Scary women - diamond
    Hell elephant - 2 resurrection powder
    Crash the undead - bull's eye coin

    Get the zelmite - healing coin
    Moon mole - bullseye coin
    Powerful frog - potato pie
    Evil bat invasion - 10 mighty healing
    Crossroads of destiny - garnet
    Scary face - amethyst
    Powerful wild boar - aquamarine
    Murderous tank - potato pie
    Which one? - Pearl
    The old woman saw it - fruit of eden
    A giant snake - peridot
    Undaunted soldiers - sapphire
    Hell, ward 1 - witch parfait
    Road to truth - witch parfait
    Crossroads - moon stone
    Lost road - level up powder
    Indecision - 8 teasure chest keys
    Little dragon army - 2 level up powders
    Captain returns - fruit of eden
    Hell's turning point - 2 level up powders
    Mumys heaven - stamina drink
    Ward 3 entrance - garnet
    Flotsams broken army - amethyst
    Hell ward 3 wellside gossip - aquamarine
    Devil elevental - daimond
    Mariner - level up powder
    Ultimate snake - pearl
    Omen - ruby
    Anxiety - peridot
    Firm belief - sapphire
    Seeping light - topaz

    MfG RareHunter!

  4. #20
    Elite-Spieler Benutzerbild von Rekreeye
    Im Spiele-Forum seit
    Sep 03
    Original geschrieben von RareHunter
    Ja tadini, wie gesagt, tolle Arbeit.. Ich werde natürlich nicht gelobt für meine tolle Arbeit. ^^

    Naja, ich hab das Game hoffentlich bald auch.
    Oh man, Rare Hunter,
    klar Du auch!!!!
    Nur kein Schmollen!!
    Nur Tadini ist, wie Du ja auch schon in den ganzen Foren
    gelesen hast, immer am Ball gewesen. Hat es auch selber ausprobiert und herausgefunden.
    Das ist keine Wertung! Nur eine Tatsache.
    Daher mein Lob an Tadini!

    Auch Du bist große Klasse. Nur in anderer Form

    Du verstehst.?
    Grüße Rekreeye

    PS: Was soll das jetzt in Englisch. Du weißt,viele von uns (ich eingeschlossen) sind nicht so gut darin.
    Bitte doch auf Deutsch bleiben!!
    Geändert von Rekreeye (3.11.03 um 23:15 Uhr)
    "Wer lesen kann, ist klar im Vorteil."


    Ich grüße tadini, Lamborghini, RareHunter, Wusch, Zockerin, fagiffnift, Chester, Pannepaul und VitaminC.

    Juhu, juhu, ich habe ihn, den DS. Das macht tierisch Spaß. Habe Mario und Wario Ware touched.

  5. #21
    Mitspieler Benutzerbild von RareHunter
    Im Spiele-Forum seit
    Oct 03
    Na klar versteh' ich das!
    So, hier nochmal eine grosse Komplettlösung! [Leider in Englisch]:

    MfG RareHunter!

  6. #22
    Benutzerbild von tadini
    Im Spiele-Forum seit
    Sep 03
    Ach RareHunter nich böse sein.
    Ich find´s übrigens auch große Klasse von dir, daß du dir soviele Mühe gibst und die ganzen Sachen postest. Ich hoff mal, daß die Leute das auch zu würdigen wissen und sich die Sachen mal anschauen.

    Und wie Rekreeye schon sagt, bleib doch bitte bei den Tips auf Deutsch. Mal ehrlich verstehst du die Sphedaanleitung? Ich persönlich versteh sie nicht. Und es hat auch keinen Zweck Links von gamefaqs zuposten, die funktionieren so nämlich nicht. Versuch mal deinen Link anzuklicken oder hier die Links, die ich gesetzt hab.

  7. #23
    Mitspieler Benutzerbild von RareHunter
    Im Spiele-Forum seit
    Oct 03

    Also die Links funktionieren bei mir einwandfrei, wenn ich draufklicke. Ich finde es natürlich auch auf Deutsch am besten, nur leider finde ich keine Hilfen grossartig auf Deutsch, nur eben Tips&Tricks und Ähnliches.

    Naja, ich gehe jetzt schlafen, gute Nacht an alle Im Forum! *gg*

    MfG RareHunter!

  8. #24
    Mitspieler Benutzerbild von RareHunter
    Im Spiele-Forum seit
    Oct 03
    Weitere Tips&Tricks!:

    Alle Kostüme:
    Wenn ihr das Spiel einmal komplett durchgespielt und dabei für Maximilian und Monica Kostüme gesammelt habt, könnt ihr in einem neuen Spiel die bereits gesammelten Kostüme auswählen.

    Schwache Waffen aufrüsten:
    Wenn ihr gegen ein starkes Monster kämpft, benutzt eine stärkere Waffe, um das Monster zu besiegen. Wenn das Monster tot ist, wechselt zu der schwächeren Waffe - die muss allerdings von demselben Typ sein - und sammelt dann erst die Körner auf. Somit bekommt die schwächere Waffe die Punkte für den Kampf.

    MfG RareHunter!

  9. #25
    Mitspieler Benutzerbild von RareHunter
    Im Spiele-Forum seit
    Oct 03
    Endlich habe ich auch mein DC!
    Super Spiel! Bin gerade in Chapter 2.

  10. #26
    Elite-Spieler Benutzerbild von Rekreeye
    Im Spiele-Forum seit
    Sep 03
    Original geschrieben von RareHunter
    Endlich habe ich auch mein DC!
    Super Spiel! Bin gerade in Chapter 2.
    Hi RareHunter,
    das freut mich aber für Dich.
    Viel viel Spaß und kämpferische Stunden, theoretisch bist Du ja anscheinend prima fit.
    Grüße Rekreeye
    "Wer lesen kann, ist klar im Vorteil."


    Ich grüße tadini, Lamborghini, RareHunter, Wusch, Zockerin, fagiffnift, Chester, Pannepaul und VitaminC.

    Juhu, juhu, ich habe ihn, den DS. Das macht tierisch Spaß. Habe Mario und Wario Ware touched.

  11. #27
    Mitspieler Benutzerbild von RareHunter
    Im Spiele-Forum seit
    Oct 03
    Joa, vielen Dank!
    Bin gerade in diesem Schmetterlings-Wald. Werde Ihn wohl nochmal Morgen probieren zu schaffen.

  12. #28
    Benutzerbild von tadini
    Im Spiele-Forum seit
    Sep 03
    Ach deswegen warst du die ganze Zeit nicht da und ich dachte mir schon "Wo ist den RareHunter hin?"
    Viel Spaß bei deinem Spiel und geniess es, ich fand diesen einzelnen kleinen Zwischengeschichten immer sehr süß.

  13. #29
    Mitspieler Benutzerbild von RareHunter
    Im Spiele-Forum seit
    Oct 03
    Hallo Ihr alle!

    Ich wollte mal fragen ob man noch Brote usw. einkaufen kann, nachdem der Zug stecken geblieben ist im Wald? Sonst komme ich nicht weiter. Ich habe kein Heilzeug mehr parat.

    Habe schon überall im Zug usw. geguckt und konnte keinen Laden finden! Und die anderen Typen verkaufen mir nur Erz usw.

    MfG RareHunter!

  14. #30
    Benutzerbild von tadini
    Im Spiele-Forum seit
    Sep 03
    Klar, du kannst ohne weiters übers Menü "Bewegen" hin wo du willst, vorausgesetzt du warst da schon. Du kannst also nach Palm Brinks zurück und kräftig bei Polly einkaufen gehen. Oder aber du erfindest es und baust es selbst.

  15. #31
    Meisterspieler Benutzerbild von Zockerin
    Im Spiele-Forum seit
    Oct 03
    Falls du Oma Rosa dabei hast, die gibt Käse. Ferdinand gibt gutes Hühnchen. Du kannst sie als Charakter kurz mitnehmen, wählst sie dann als Charakter aus. Lass dir die Sachen geben und setze sie wieder in den Zug.

  16. #32
    Mitspieler Benutzerbild von RareHunter
    Im Spiele-Forum seit
    Oct 03
    Ich wusste gar nicht das ich nach Palm Brinks zurück kann.
    Naja, danke an euch.

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