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    Hilfe für HL wanted

    HI ich komme bei HL Wanted the Western Pack einfach nicht weiter finde auch keine Lösung oder kann sie nicht runterladen könnt ihr mir helfen denn in der Stadt gibt es keine Gegner.

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    ach nochwas weil ich gerade gelesen hab dass man seiten oder so nicht schreiben darf dann meldet euch bei SMsmiddi@web.de

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    Wanted Walkthrough


    Enjoy the informative intro to the game.

    Redrock Creek
    Here you are in the town of Redrock Creek, all you have to do is get gun and as much ammo as you can find (and anything else for that matter). Then go to the Telegram Office and check out the telegram that has arrived for you. Listen to the townsfolk who begin to assemble a posse outside the telegram office and tell you to exit through the door in the barn opposite the bank, turn left to the big doors to exit the town.

    Oh, and some of the livestock is fair game (but no point in wasting too much ammo) but only the livestock.

    The Journey
    Go round to the left of the building, there is a waistcoat (armour) down there for you, then it’s off on the job at hand. Round to the right you encounter a stuck stagecoach, there is a knife and some health just here (some destruction is required).

    Now its off down the caves, look out for snakes!! When you get out of there, next is a couple of irate miners (actually they all are). A canteen (health, as you will know it) in the cabin.

    Time for some more cave running, beware the horrible little scorpions on the other side. Keep on going till you find a couple more miners. These guys have some dynamite so be careful, now its time for some rock climbing, you head away from where they demolished the mine entrance and look for a way up. Round the corner is a ledge that leads up onto a high ledge, follow it round and jump down to the blocked cave and enter it.

    Grab any goodies you find on the way (the little blue bottle is full of goodness)

    You will exit the cave’s by a helpful posse character with useful information.

    Avoid the puma (you want to keep as much ammo as possible) head down to your right and keep heading that way till it curves to the left, you will come across a rock ledge you can jump up upon. Just over that you will see a man hanging off a cliff face and he will fall as you approach, this is where you want to head.

    Its time for a swim … just go down and forward, there are some pesky little fish though. Into more caves, a dead man has some information, can’t miss him. Interesting times ahead, those damn miners again and you will have to look out for dynamite being hurled at you.

    There’s a good ½ dozen of these guys and they take a fair bit of putting down, you might need the 2 canteens up other side past the creek (near some planks) also there is a waistcoat and ammo further down the bottom.

    When going across the planks at the top be careful, they are not that strong, another fat miner is just round the corner waiting. Now you can head out into the light.

    There is a couple of cowboys about and they are not the friendly type, nasty fish in the water and a beartrap or two in the cabin. Don’t forget the rapid fire of your pistol on the alternate fire button. You can either swim through the cave or go back up the path to continue.

    Watch the drop which ever way you get there, you can slide down the left hand side without any damage.

    School House
    This is where you are meant to meet the Colonel, but from the scattered dead bodies it not the safest place to be. Ramone’s men have attacked the town and are intent on torturing the poor colonel.
    He fills you in on Ramones plot, in the schoolhouse get the Winchester (a very fun weapon). Get the canteen also and head back along the street, on the right (down towards the house) you can jump up onto some planks to get over the fence.

    Once over the fence you will have to take out the cowboy to get into the shed, there is ammo and health in there, be careful of the roof, it will collapse.

    Once back outside be careful of the scorpion that appears just past the town person. Follow the path round and through the cave until you get to the gate. Here is another irate miner, with a habit of using dynamite. In the cabin there is a canteen and dynamite.

    Now its into the caves again, these loop back on themselves a bit and there are a few miners in here, once you have dealt to them you will come across Dynamite Dave he will clear the rock fall that just blocked your way.

    There is a pickaxe (very good against Miners) and some ammo for the pistol to be found round the lean-to. Now down into the bowels of the earth.

    Now there are a fair few Miners down here, they have quite a bit of dynamite, so its best to be careful, this also means that they can also blow themselves up (very funny). General rule of thumb, go round to the left this should lead to the next group you have to get past.

    Finally sunlight. Hope you still have those bear traps. To clear the rock fall, blast the powder keg.

    You will now arrive at a campsite, in the cabin Dynamite Dave will be waiting to clear a path for you to the Lokita Falls.

    Lokita River
    Take the plunge, no other way. Head to the left before you go over the falls, once in the passage beware Indians and traps you should be able to spot them if you are not in too much of a hurry.

    Once past the first few Indians you will find a dead body, a canteen and ammo for both pistol and Winchester (the last is in the cave behind the body).

    Beware of more Indians; they love to hide just behind corners. When you get to the canoe it is up to you weather you ride it down the river, but not a good choice, there are Indian’s on either side, best to release it and use it for cover for as far as possible. Try to take out the Indian's at a distance; they are pretty good with their weapons.

    You will pass your canoe and find Hoss, he’s your deputy. Another weapon the shot gun, careful where you use this and how, you can only reload when both barrels are spent, normal fire one barrel, alt fire both (only if you have both barrels loaded)

    Two Indian's just round the corner from Hoss, one on the rock wall and one running away, you want to take them out quick (recommend the good old Winchester). Just round the bend there is another Indian, also just past the overhang on the left on a ledge.

    After that there is a camp of about 4-5 of them, if you have any left, drop a bear trap near the first opening to their camp. Then throw in some dynamite to get them into your view, they are very dangerous.

    You will find ammo, a canteen and a note by the dead town person, head into the creek to find the rest of them. Here it is best to lob some dynamite around to kill a few before jumping in, the Winchester is good to for taking them out at a distance, some nice rook outcrops to hide behind while doing so.

    In the camp you will get the bow (powerful weapon in the right hands) as well as a canteen and ammo. Go out the far end and continue. You will get some ammo and a canteen before getting to the next area.

    So you are looking down, and there is not much to see, however if you go down and head up to the cabin you will hear a cry for help, a bear is on the loose (hope you have a trap or 2 left) nasty things and big. There is a couple traps below where you came down, just drop one in front of the bear as it charges towards you, very easy.

    Go into the cabin and rescue the boy, then follow him. There is some health in a crate behind the cabin if you need it.

    Opp’s knocked out by the friendly Indian tribe.

    Friendly Indian’s
    After the Shaman’s speech run round and find all the weapons, the plants he referred to are the ones with read flowers. Head up the hill following the cliff ledge, scorpion up here. You will have to jump across the gap, some damage will occur when dropping off the far side. Bit of a splash and up the other side.

    Up round the top of the cave and you will enter a canyon area, down to your left is Hoss and a few of the friendly Indians. Some scorpions you can pick up and use.

    There is a couple of bands of the nasty variety of Indian about, 3 or 4 in each. It is best to go back up the slope which you came down and back round to the right looking for higher ground. This way you can spot them and get the drop on them. They also like high ground so be careful.

    There is that magic herb about so use it. Head out by going away from the Indian camp.

    To get across the river its just a matter of getting on the log and off at the other side swimming is not a good idea. When out of the water beware of the Mexican up on the ledge.

    Well to Serino, enjoy your stay.

    The door directly in front for you when exiting the cave has goodies inside, but has a tendency to explode when you get so close, also a Mexican behind it likes to shoot things.

    Go down into the destruction, listen to the locals and kill the baddies, gee that Hoss sure gets around. Two bandits are in the building on the left (through the gate) another couple down the path. There is a exploding barrel in the building that may help clear the path.

    The 2 story building on the right has 3-4 on the ground floor and 3 up the stairs, but there is nothing of real value up the stairs, it is quite tricky to get them all without sustaining too much damage.

    Through the arch below, several cowboys and Mexicans wait and they are none too friendly. Once you have cleared the courtyard go talk to the villager and get him to let you into the church.

    There are 3 Mexicans through the back door, left and right, shotgun at close range takes care of them, just watch the re-load time on the weapon. To the right are the stairs, Mexican is on the first landing, a note with details of what to do next awaits at the top by the dead body of Vilante.

    When exiting the church there are 3 Mexicans, one in the far doorway and 2 around by the gate, which is now open. Through the far door are some more of the baddies, up to you if you want to take them out.

    Upper Serino
    Go up the path to the gates at the top, a villager will give you information regarding Hoss, looks like you have to rescue him.

    A Mexican is down along the front of the building, he has dynamite and so do the 3 others at the end, round the corner. You will also see a couple above on a balcony they can be taken out with the bow quite effectively.

    When under the balcony go through the door at the end, there is a cowboy to your left, up the stairs on the right a Mexican is at the top.

    Once the top area is clear, through the door on the left at the top of the stair is a cowboy to the right behind the door, some ammo in this room. The room off this, has a Mexican in the far right corner. Another is at the end of the corridor, dynamite happy too, so be alert.

    First door along the landing has boxes, one contains health. Second door there is nothing. The closed door has 2 baddies, one with dynamite, the other behind the door, third door there is a cowboy in the far corner, but be careful no one at the base of the stairs sees you.

    There is dynamite and a waistcoat in the cupboards in the last 2 rooms.

    Downstairs there are 2-3 depending if you killed any while upstairs, they are down either side of the stairs towards the back. Two canteens are at the back of the room on a table. When clear go out the door and back up onto the balcony.

    Go to the far door and open it, then back up to the side, let both of them come to you. A canteen and some ammo are in here, get what you need and head down the stairs.

    Go down quietly so you can take out the 2 cowboys and Mexican one at a time, the bow is best for that, remember when using the bow the longer you hold the arrow back the more power it has and distance. Should be able to take them all out without any noticing you at all. Did you ever notice that the arrow will stick through things, eg. If you shoot the corner of a wall and have a look, nice touch.

    Shoot the barrel at the far end of the wall to free Hoss from the cell. He will then go and open the door to the next area for you.

    Lower Serino
    A Mexican is hiding behind the door, one runs off to the left, there is a cowboy round there too. Another Mexican is in the room off the landing with a gattlinggun, a bottle of snake oil on the side table and some ammo and a canteen out the window.

    Two await you down stairs, to the left and right, take out the left one first. Out the door there are lots and a ground mounted gattlinggun (of the nasty big variety). Take out the man you can see out the door, then you will have to go out to the left and get the other, while trying not to be shot by the gattlinggun.

    Ahead there is a Mexican on the balcony and one round the corner, the one on the balcony likes dynamite, a canteen and ammo await you up there.

    Head back to the open courtyard where the big gun is, you can get cover behind a pillar, there are 2 Mexicans above the courtyard, you will have to take them out before you can take out the guy behind the gun, weapon of choice here should be the Winchester. You can just manage to get the Mexican behind the gattlinggun from the safety of the pillar, there are to others at the far end of the courtyard with hand held gattlinggun's. Shoot the large ammo box by the gattlinggun to clear a path to the door, OH and don’t forget the dynamite at the bottom of the well.

    Through the door behind the gun there is a gattlinggun of your very own, the next room contains several Mexicans at the far end, open the door then back off, wait for them to come to you, or to kill each other by throwing lots of dynamite, you will have to go in and clean up the dregs.

    At the end of the room there is a passageway to the left and stairs at the end to the right, down the side of the stair you can blast away the paneling to get a canteen and ammo. Upstairs should only be dead bodies and a canteen.

    Down the passageway to the room, one ahead off to the left and another against the left hand wall at the back, ammo pack, canteen and waistcoat to be collected. Through the door 2 more Mexicans are down the corridor one with a gattlinggun.

    Up the stairs there are 3, one can see down into the stairwell, draw them to the stairs, look out for dynamite. Upstairs blast the barrel to break the window. Ammo to collect up here.

    Throw dynamite to the back right corner of the room through the windows to kill the Mexican there, drop down the door will open and another Mexican is just outside it. Another is round through the door on the right. The boxes hide a destroyable panel beside the stairs, dynamite in there. As you go up the stairs a Mexican is above and behind you, canteen is on the first landing by the table, go up and out the window so you can get the 3 waiting outside. Two down to the right, go along the beam to get a better shot, another is moving round. Two canteens in this area for those who need it.

    From the roof jump to where the broken ladder led. Go round to the lit mine shaft, the opening to the right has a Mexican back right corner and another is at the bottom of the path. A ledge running along the right hand side will take you just above the last one who is by the ore buckets. Once clear you have to jump in the bucket and ride it to the top. Getting off can be a bit hard, once off there is a Mexican behind and above you, dynamite most effective here. Another is further up the shaft.

    Go round and down to the wooden landing, below is Hoss (the incredible Hoss) and a big powder keg, you have to go along the landing to the left and down the shaft till you get to the end, where a Mexican, dynamite and the plunger await you. Return to Hoss and use the plunger and get the hell up the ladder and up the shaft before the whole thing blows.

    Go back down, a Mexican is on the balcony just round to the right. Jump up on the wagon and throw dynamite at the barn door after they explode. Use the wagon as cover to get the 2 baddies that come out, another is still in the barn to the right. Crate on the wagon has a waistcoat. Once you enter the barn 3 more enter at the far end, Winchester is good for the distance shots. Continue on your way.

    The Boarder Lands
    Up the hill and round the corner, beware the Indian on the high ledge, another crouched on the path round to the right, some magic herb to be had. Past the waterfall, go through it for something good.

    Continue on till you see dead bodies, scorpion and ammo about. Just over the rise, a shack canteen, ammo and a clasping roof here. Go straight head from the shack, collect the scorpion nest and round to the building, climb the ladder to the roof, break the boards covering the hole.

    Drop in the scorpions down the hole and force the baddies out. Time for a turkey shoot, practise with the buffalo gun as they run out, zoom is the alt fire key. About 5-6 to take care of.

    Forward of the building, to the left is another building and Hoss, one Mexican to kill then lead the villager round to the gate by the other building, he will open it for you. Be careful of snakes, if they kill the villager you are stuffed (it has happened).

    Go forward, till you see a building, a cowboy will pop out a side door then back in, you would have to be quick to get him. The door is locked so don’t bother trying to open it yet. At the far end is a gattlinggun gun. All you have to do is get so it fires at you and drop back a bit, the baddie behind it will blow himself up, saving you the trouble. Some ammo and a canteen by the gun.

    In the yard are a couple, throw some dynamite over the wall, might kill one and draw the other out. In the room to the right are boxes with ammo, waistcoat and canteen, the other room has a Mexican in it. You can now go through the door in the side of the building, a cowboy is waiting at the end of the corridor. Another is in the room with the wagon.

    Up the stairs are two Mexican’s on at the top of the stairs the other on the landing behind. The one on the landing will move into the other room if give time to do so, that one has dynamite. The adjoining room has baddies hiding behind the crates.

    Go to the right when exiting this room, at the end is a panel that can be destroyed, this will allow you to kill the baddies manning the cannon below you. There is also a cowboy in the room below the stairs at the far end.

    Two baddies are in the room across the balcony. Jump down into the yard and go out the gate to your right, if you haven’t killed the man behind the cannon he is down to the right again.

    Head down from the gate till you see the Indian run off, he will run back round the corner out of sight, you can go forward and to the right. Once you kill him two more will enter from the far end. Should be able to nail them at a distance with the Winchester or buffalo gun.

    Where the Indian's came from goes left and right, to the right on a high ledge is another, also a ladder up around here. After getting the Indian on the ledge load up the shotgun (make sure both barrels) and run down the left passage basting any and all, take a right at the tepee. Ammo and a canteen by the dead bodies.

    Go up the path to the right, now a decision, left or right? Left you go up and round and have to blast away some planks to continue or right and go kill some more Indians.

    Up and over you go, look out for snakes, and guess what … more of those lovely caves to play in, can only mean one thing … miners.

    Mine Yard
    If you go to the right and up you will find a bottle of snake oil, if you need, just before the top you will have to jump off onto a ledge, you will hear their voices when close.

    The pickaxe will take care of these guy quite happily, however if they crouch, back off they are placing dynamite, also have a habit of throwing it.

    There is only one way out of here, so you can’t really miss it, however there are several more miners about and watch out for the annoying little fish in the water.

    Up the ramp near the shack are several more running madly about and throwing dynamite, shotgun is good. Best to lob a couple of sticks up to bring them out of the corners, but be warned they give as good as they get. There is dynamite and bear traps in the shack and a canteen in the mine cart behind the shack.

    Once you reach the bridge, you can decide what to do, best to jump off and come up behind them, plus a waistcoat and canteen. (There is a secret area under the water, can you find it and see the dead rise?) A fish or three then swim down the tunnel and out the opening, there is one miner in this room so be ready.

    When this area is clear of miners go down the tunnel on the left, clearing any minor annoyance as you go. Across the water there is ammo, waistcoat and a canteen by the dead guy, just have to deal with the others first.

    In the next area with water, ammo and a canteen are up to the right, 3 miners are about, deal with them and head up to where the bridge is, shoot the guy on the far side then run across the bridge, jumping just before the middle so you don’t fall in the water below (bridge must be weak there).

    Head up the shaft, avoid the pit and get the duel colts, these have a good alternate fire but chew through the bullets. Good time to practice your head shoots with the Winchester on the miners, since you have ample opportunity coming up.

    Five miners are outside the shaft, three at the front two at the back, head shot time, there is dynamite in the rocks to the left, scorpions also and a canteen under the lean-to.

    Head down the shaft, expect to encounter four - five miners on the way (they like to be just around corners) before it opens into a large cave, three more are in here, up by the area with the cabin, several are in the open and head towards you. Also two more are in the cabin. You have to go up the ladder round to the right and cut the rope that holds a building beam, this will hit the cart and blow open some of the cliff face. Some ammo and a canteen are in the cabin.

    Follow the cave round till you see the fire, you have to go to the right past the fire, move quick because the roof caves in, there are two miners on the ground floor and two above, a hole in the ceiling allows them to drop dynamite behind you and the one on the stairs throws it about too, there is some goodies in crates about.

    Two more are in with the train (or on the way to it), plus a waistcoat in that area. Go down the corridor at the base of the stairs, ammo plus a waistcoat in the crates, several miners in the open area, one is in the shed at the far side.

    Up the ladder to the right there is ammo plus a canteen in the room, to the right theres more ammo on a chest, but also a miner, down stairs there is three about.

    In the shed you have to use the lever to turn the platform, this will break open the mineshaft, the shaft to the left has several miners in it but little else and just heads back to where the fire is.

    Down the tunnel you will come to an opening to the left, a cabin and a cave, in the cave are three snakes, these are a pain so get rid of them. In the cabin is a townie, an ammo pack and a buffalo gun.

    From here you have the option of riding the handcart down the track (or walking if you want) or following the path behind the cabin. The handcart is way more fun so that the way this is heading. Jump on and the townie will give you a push off.

    Ride the cart back into the open air, a bear will charge out and past you, get off the cart before it goes over the ledge, best to drop a couple bear traps, and stand behind one so the bear runs into it. Once you have rid your self of the first one there is another still in the cave, draw it out and lead it into a trap. Some ammo and a canteen in the cave.

    The only place from here is down into the water and where there is water there are fish, head round to the right and keep going.
    The alternative path from the cabin takes you on a cart ride at speed through miners and leads to the same water exit.
    Return to Redrock
    The shack has a canteen, two miners entrance where the handcart came out, the barrel on the right will blast the wall open and there is a scorpion and a buffalo gun inside. The tunnel leads down to the Mining Yard, five miners are in this area, also be careful of the dropping barrel down the side of the Mining Yard building. Once this area is clear head back to the barrel suspended above the hole and cut the rope holding it.

    Go down the ladder, you encounter three miners, there is ammo in the barrel up to your right, wait for the mining cart to head back towards you and jump over it and head up the ladder.

    To the right leads back to the Mining Yard, the left leads to a train and three miners, first one just down the side of the shack. Barrel in the shack has a canteen. Go down the shaft past the train.

    At the ‘T’ junction throw a stick of dynamite down the left hand side, then go to the right for some shooting. The crack in the rock hides a scorpion and some ammo, in the next cave the tunnel to the left the barrel has health and ammo, the top path … the cave on the right are a couple miners. Straight ahead is another miner and some crates, ammo and a waistcoat con be found here.

    This area loops around upon its self, just run round killing anything that moves and blasting any barrels, the area you are looking for will become obvious, you cant miss it. You have to drop down into where the miners are digging. Go into the area and set off the dynamite, and get back out quick, then all hell breaks loose, but it’s the only way to continue. As the water rises climb out of the roof.

    Once you’re out by the wreaked train, go up the tunnel on the left, this will bring you out above area you entered from, there are two miners here, head back to the Mining Yard building, there are two more outside and two inside, also a bottle of snake oil and ammo. Head round to the door that returns you to Redrock.

    A cowboy walks away from you, a Mexican and another cowboy are to the left behind the wagon, these guys have dynamite too. A canteen is in the shed back behind the wagon and another by the Black Smiths.

    A cowboy is on the balcony above the boarding house, another behind the first top window of Dawson’s a third is standing on the cover way outside Denise’s. Another in the Hayloft and a Mexican below. Several are on the street round here, one in the shed down the side of the barn, another in an alcove before the bank. In the loft is a waistcoat.

    Once clear go into the Saloon. Lob a stick of dynamite into the room on the left, then move forward a bit to get the cowboy. Head up the stairs quick. Take out the cowboy to the left side of the landing. There are three rooms and 4 baddies, each room has a closet that contains something, once the rooms are clear another cowboy appears on the landing.

    Try to take out some on the saloon below, the door by the bar leads back to a poker room with 2 cowboys, a bottle of snake oil is here as well. The passage at the other end leads down to the back of the gun store, two are in here plus you have to blast the door open, two more are in here along with a ammo pack and a hand cannon.

    If you go up the ladder and along the beam you will find a hidden area with some goodies, go out the door to get back on the street.

    Out side will be Annie, the incredible Hoss and others, don’t kill them. Go back down the street to the sheriff’s office, a Mexican is there and a cowboy past the wagon in the shed, another is in the office.

    When you exit the office, three more are in the Black Smiths and two more come out of the Boarding house (which you can now enter).

    To the right (after entering the Boarding House) is a canteen in a crate, down the other way is a cowboy and some ammo. Before going down stairs its good to throw a stick of dynamite.

    There is one up the stairs directly opposite, one to the right, another comes round the same corner, there are two more to the left and another to the right plus one more at the back.

    Upstairs on the right a Mexican ducks into a room and a cowboy shoots from the landing, to the left leads to some rooms with at least two in each, a canteen is in a couple of the rooms.

    Round the back of the landing a door lead into more rooms, when it opens a cowboy runs off, but there is a Mexican to the right. Shotgun on the table. The cowboy hides behind the door out of this room, two others are off to the right a canteen is here and another on a chest to the left. Out the door is a Mexican behind it and a cowboy at the base of the stairs. The door on the left leads back to the street.

    There is also a door by the bar that leads to an outside area with nothing but a gattlinggun gun and some ammo. Two wait in the back room.

    Back on the street Annie and Hoss are about. Three cowboys are down by Dawson’s two on the landing and one on the street, Dawson’s is the next area to go.

    Clear the street and then take out the one you can see through the doorway. Once inside another cowboy will run out from the right and another is behind the stairs. Upstairs, a Mexican, a cowboy, plus some well needed ammo and a canteen. Some ammo in a crate downstairs.

    Once outside, collect Crispen who has got himself stuck and head down and into the telegraph office, a cowboy might appear before you get inside, three are inside one to the right the others on the left, the Mexican comes towards the door.

    Continue on, expect the cowboy if you didn’t clear the way earlier. Two are round by the barn, one in the loft, don’t run into the barn there is a dropping crate, a canteen in one of the crates outside.

    There are several Mexicans and cowboys scattered about, try to take the paths to the left until you have cleared the area. You should find a shack with snake oil in it.

    Head over the bridge, a Mexican is outside, five more inside. Three on the ground, one of those behind a crate. Two in the loft, not visible from the door, one above where the door is and another in the far back right corner. A canteen and a waistcoat in the crates. Head out the door and back into the street.

    The townie will tell you where to head next. At the bank ring the bell, so the cowboy comes out, then go in by the safe. Next return and get Hoss to release Dave so he can go blow the safe door. Once Annie is out you will have to head back down to the fort.

    Head into the cabin straight away, two in there cowboy on the left, Mexican on the right, some ammo and a waistcoat. From inside you can take out the two on the platform outside.

    Two more are on the roof and walkway opposite the platform, another couple on the ground inside the area, head up the platform to take out those on the high ground. Another couple in the door on the left just inside.

    In the next area, round to the right, a cowboy is up the ladder, some ammo and a canteen is up here. Through the gate two are in the barn, a Mexican is through the opening on the right.

    Three are in the first room, two more in the second, also a canteen and ammo. Up the ladder there is a cowboy on the roof. Now you should be able to pass through the door, up the stairs in the other area. A Mexican is in there round to the right and a bottle of snake oil. Continue past the fire.

    Down to the right is a bench with a canteen on it, the window beside it brakes and there is a cowboy behind, same with the window down to the right. Above the stairs are two waiting and round to the right of the stair is another behind a door.

    Below past the stairs there is one behind a window on your left and another behind the stairs. Once in the open area there is another behind the door on the left, once it blows two more appear above on the stair area.

    One more hidden baddie is on you right but wont appear until you collect the weapon by the dead townie. The next room has a couple townies and a canteen, because next is Ramone!

    The door at the end of the passage will open, once you go far enough forward a Mexican will run off to the right behind a building, he has a gattlinggun gun. A cowboy will appear in the distance, there are about 4-5 about. Get them at range if possible.

    Once the area is clear take out the one on the balcony at the end, then collect all ammo and anything else.

    Then armed with the buffalo gun go forward till you hear him speak. Then back off so you can attack from a distance.

    Keep shooting till one of you is dead. Listen and watch the great ending sequence.

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