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Thema: Rogue Galaxy - Geisterschiff

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    Hilfe Rogue Galaxy - Geisterschiff


    Ich habe das Spiel jetzt 1x durchgespielt, aber das Geisterschiff habe ich nicht gefunden, wo befindet es sich und was muß ich tun um dorthin zu kommen?
    Wie finde ich die seltenen Gegenstände, das Buch habe ich, aber wo sind die anderen 8 Gegenstände, oder was muß ich tun um sie zu finden.

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    Nordlicht... südlich von HH
    Das Geisterschiff ist ein neues Flugziel, du musst also nach dem Kampf und dem Abspann wieder auf das Schiff zurück.

    Einen Lösungsweg zu den seltenen Gegenständen findest du bei GameFAQs, die kann man alle nachträglich zusammen suchen, musst also keine Panik haben, dass man den rechten zeitpunkzt verpasst haben könnte.

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    Geisterschiff unterwelt

    nachdem ihr das geisterschiff gemeistert habt ist im eingang ein geist der euch 7 zufalls fragen stellt habt richtig erhaltet ihr einen schlüssel diesen müsst ihr am denkkreis wo einst der geist stand benutzen.
    um die jetzt folgenden fragen richtig zu beantworten startet das spiel neu in ENGLISCHER sprache so ist es einfacher:

    Q: Who was the galaxy's top shipwright, the man who built the
    Dorgenark along with Dorgengoa?
    A: Chrisden Ark

    Q: Who is not a receptionist at the Galaxy Corporation?
    A: Miralka

    Q: The galaxy's treasures are noted in this adventure log, which
    happens to be Dorgengoa's favorite book.
    A: The Geo Record

    Q: The hunter Tamara Panola is right up there in the ranks. When she's
    on the prowl, where can you usually find her?
    A: Vedan Spaceport

    Q: Miyoko and Chie are always wandering aimlessly. How many times did
    you come across them?
    A: 4 times

    Q: Valkog's Hair is…
    A: Blonde

    Q: Juraika's deepest jungle is home to exceedingly fragrant coffee
    beans. What does everyone call this treasure?
    A: Burkaqua Mountain

    Q: When did the legendary planet Marigleenn tuck itself away into
    another dimension?
    A: 10,000 years ago

    Q: The Draxian Empire is the sworn enemy of the Longardian military.
    Only one on Draxil's weapons appear in this game. Which one?
    A: Zenon D

    Q: Wait a while at the title screen to view the opening movie. Which
    character makes the most appearances next to Jaster?
    A: Kisala

    Q: Henry and Robert are members of MIO's fan club, and the two of them
    have her signature move down pat. Do you?
    A: Turn twice and "Kawaii!"

    Q: Who is Mariglenn's queen and Kisala's mother?
    A: Freidias

    Q: In Chapter 13, Jaster and his friends gathered heart energy in the
    form of "Drigellums." What color was Deego's Drigellum?
    A: Orange

    Q: Kisala's Mist Boots are made out of which animal's fur?
    A: Galactic Mink

    Q: Jaster set off across the desert toward the Dorgenark to become a
    space pirate. Who was the man who lent him a yago?
    A: Katahari

    Q: MIO is Zerard's favorite super-idol. Who of the following was the
    first to become a member of her fan club?
    A: Dr. Pocacchio

    Q: There's a beast out there that likes to eat Granshees like Jupis.
    What kind of beast is it, anyway?
    A: A bird

    Q: Jaster and Kisala met in Rosa desert. What were Kisala's first
    words to Jaster?
    A: "Over here!"

    Q: Which of these is crushed into a powder and used as makeup by
    Burkaquan women?
    A: Yanan Fruit

    Q: Jaster and his friends bounty hunt on the side. Which of these
    quarries is the "jungle master"?
    A: Beast Leone

    Q: Dorgengoa recognizes Jaster as a pirate and gives him a coin.
    What's on it?
    A: A skull

    Q: What color is the scarf that's part of Jaster's "Desert Claw"
    A: Red

    Q: Jupis was behind the Starship Factory takeover in Zerard. Who was
    the reporter that covered this breaking news?
    A: Lucy Dyne

    Q: Lovely! Honey! MIO!! When MIO's in concert, what's the name of the
    clone robot that takes her place at the reception desk?
    A: M10

    Q: Which of Steve's special attack abilities gives 120 percent power,
    all the time?
    A: Strange Beam

    Q: Each of Zax Morarty's henchman make their own fashion statements,
    but which of the following was missing when they first appeard?
    A: Fancy Eyeglasses

    Q: How many "oa"s did Monsha tack onto his whoa before crashing on
    A: 4

    Q: You got through Arabis's ghost ship not to long ago, right? So
    which one of these didn't show up while you were there?
    A: Sand Kraken

    Q: Which of these people seems to have no interest in the Insectron?
    A: Professor Izel

    Q: The mysterious prisoner you meet in Rosencaster Prison is actually
    A: Admiral Banarge

    Q: Draxil is the sworn enemy of the Longardian Federation. What's its
    full name?
    A: The Draxian Empire

    Q: Which one of these is the tallest?
    A: Mish

    Q: Filio, Dario, and Shero are three strange fellows living on Juraika.
    What's their real relationship?
    A: Good friends

    Q: Toady can help transform your allies' weapons. Which of the
    following is one of Simon's most powerful launchers?
    A: Paradise Lost

    Q: What is the model number of Ragnar, the Mariglendan multipurpose
    android you met in the Sylvazard Desert Labyrinth?
    A: 2947

    Q: What was the name of the ultimate Drigellum, made from the hearts
    of the Mariglendans?
    A: Prayer

    Q: What's the name of the guy quizzing you on the Seventh Mystery—in
    other words, me?
    A: Minoc

    Q: One of Kisala's abilities is Deadly Stench," wherein she lobs one
    of Dorgengoa's socks at a foe. If the enemy doesn't die, it
    A: Poisoned

    Q: Jupis Tooki McGanel knows how to get ahead! When he joined the
    Dorgenark's crew, with what did he bribe Kisala?
    A: Dumplings

    Q: How often does Arabis's ghost ship appear?
    A: Once every 40 years

    Q: The Seven-Star Swords are legendary galactic treasures. Desert Claw
    gives you the Desert Seeker; which one does Raul leave in the
    A: Pride of Kings

    Q: Which of these is a real beast?
    A: Smilier

    Q: Desert Claw is a strong ally, appearing when you need him most.
    What's his real name?
    A: Mizel

    Q: The Sand Kraken was an ancient beast sleeping in the Sylvazard
    Desert labyrinth. How many legs does it have in total?
    A: 8

    Q: Zax Morarty has Myna under his thumb. You only get to see him in
    one cutscene, but what color was his suit?
    A: White

    Q: The secret behind Monsha's luxurious coat is a balanced diet and…
    A: 3 hrs. of exercise a day

    Q: Which beast did Jaster take on first?
    A: Baphu

    Q: What color is the pattern on Burkaquan Chief Ugozi's loin cloth?
    A: Orange

    Q: Travelers can only land on the ocean planet Alistia for a limited
    period of time. Who's responsible for this rule?
    A: The Galaxy Corporation

    Q: What's the name of the android Insector invented by Dr. Pocacchio?
    A: White Miracle

    Q: What's the name of the Dorgenark's stylish lounge, where
    crewmembers can always relax?
    A: Veronica

    Q: The bartender at the Dorgenark's lounge shows up in the Insectron
    S-rank match. What's his "ring name"?
    A: Jin Red

    Q: Let's see how sharp you are. What's the unit of currency in the
    Guin System?
    A: Zehn

    Q: Which one of these is not an insector?
    A: Itsahuman

    Q: Faeries are the most elusive of Insectors. Among these, the shyest
    little sprite of all is the pigtailed…
    A: Mary Faerie

    Q: The crew of the Dorgenark always gives such good advice. Which one
    of them weighs the most?
    A: Davis

    Q: What is the name of Rogue Galaxy developer Level-5's first game?
    A: Dark Cloud

    Q: These blushing newlyweds accidentally came to Myna for their
    A: Brahms & Heidemarie

    Q: Where do miners on Myna like to go after a hard day's work?
    A: Angela's Bar

    Q: Your friends all have their own swimming styles: Jaster does the
    breastroke, Deego does the doggy paddle, and so on. But what about
    A: Flutter Kick

    Q: Jaster defeated his first quarry, the Scorching Alchemist, in the
    Salgin residentual area. How many points did he earn?
    A: 20000

    Q: What is Dr. Pocacchio's full name?
    A: Donald Pocacchio

    Q: Who's the eternal rock star everyone talks about at the Myna Power
    Station Plaza?
    A: Safari

    Q: She's in love with pink, and looks for it everywhere. Her
    boyfriend's just along for the ride. Who are they?
    A: Pinky & Arnim

    Q: Zegram is particularly fond of "Pirate's Grog." What's its alcohol
    A: 80%

    Q: What is the official name of planet Mariglenn?
    A: Le Marie Glennecia

    Q: How many piercings does Zegram have in his ears? (Hint: Get up
    close and look verrry carefully!)
    A: 2

    Q: Which one of these female hunters very nearly caught the Myna
    tunnel beast known as the Rumored Ladyhunter?
    A: Tamara Panola

    Q: Running, running, always running. What does Deego talk about most
    while out running from place to place?
    A: Military Training
    wenn das Leben nur ein Traum ist und wir die Figuren dieses Traumes sind, was ist dann die Wirklichkeit... .

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