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Thema: The best PVP moment ever

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    Jun 07

    Smile The best PVP moment ever

    SO here I am walking around merrily in Azeroth, PVP enabled, and I come across a pretty well dressed UD mage.

    I see him get ready to kill me so I quickly summon pet, chuck down freeze trap and get ready to fight.

    This mage is pretty good as he notices me putting down a freeze trap.

    He polymorphs me and nukes my pet, he starts hitting me afterwards, I managed to get him down to about 70% when he had me down to 20%. So I keep running arround trying to get range and he keep blinking to me.

    All of a sudden I hear a GREAT sound "Blink" "Trap". He managed to blink into my freeze trap (improved, 26 seconds).

    I get range, put my Thorium Headed Arrow, press Aimed shot.

    Charging.... charging... BOOM, Crit 2900dmg, quick concussive, multishot, BAM 1400dmg, mage dies.

    Lady luck was on my side that time.

    To make it up to the mage I corpse camped him 3 times, then got on with my business.

    Just wanted to share.


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    Jul 03
    My best moment in PvP? We were 3 rogues, and did bring Tyrs Hand our Alliance control for several hours. The horde dudes did stand no chance against us, the mighty 3....yeah .

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    Jun 07

    well done

    But which server are you in?if has any chance I long to challenge you...

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