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Thema: What should the next GT-game be called?

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    Mar 07

    What should the next GT-game be called?

    What do you people think would be a good name for the next Gran Turismo game? Gran Turismo 5 sounds a bit boring
    Maybe we can contribute with a name here that Polyphony Digital might use?
    Just a thought!

    And sorry for writing this in English, my deutsch is not that good.

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    Apr 07


    I think Gran Turismo World Championship!?!

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    Feb 07
    Why shouldn't it be named GT5?

    The most important is in the game, not the name.

    And those names of GT are easy to remind.

    And I've got no idea, what could be a good name.

    The "Gran Turismo World Championship" is an event inside of Gran Turismo, so it can't be the name of the full game.

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    Dec 06
    Koblenz! :)
    It named GT HD or GT5.Its for PS3.But:all cars and tracks must been downloaded.thats sucks.i dont know the prices off the cras and tracks!

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