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Thema: Battlefild 2 Interview mit Executive Producer Scott

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    Battlefild 2 Interview mit Executive Producer Scott

    Das Team von EAPlay.com hatte die Möglichkeit mit Executive Producer Scott Evans ein Interview zu führen und stellten ihm dabei u.a. Fragen zum Punktesystem von Battlefield 2. Bekannt gegeben wurde u.a., dass dem Spieler mehrere Möglichkeiten geboten werden um im Ranking aufzusteigen und somit z.B. neue Waffen zu erlangen.

    Regarding Gameplay:

    EAPlay.com: Describe the main differences Battlefield 2 has over previous generations of the franchise.
    Obviously, the biggest change is the move to present day. Instead of Shermans and Panzers and Tigers (Oh my), Battlefield 2 includes modern era Russian, US and Chinese vehicles, forces and weapons fighting across locations in China and the Middle East.

    EAPlay.com: Will players have to acquire news skills in Battlefield 2 or will it be “pick up and play” for seasoned veterans?

    While any veteran Battlefield should be able to pick up the game and instantly be able to grasp infantry combat and basic vehicle controls, some of the new weapon systems, such as TV Guided missiles) may require players to hone new skills.

    EAPlay.com: What is the story on artillery, will there be a set class dedicated to artillery or will it be a similar setup to that of Battlefield 1942?
    Unlike in Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield Vietnam, where artillery pieces were player-controlled vehicles (much like a two man tank), artillery in BF2 is handled in a completely new way. Artillery pieces appear in a specific location for each team on every map, and their volleys are controlled by a team's Commander…he chooses where and when to fire the big guns. Of course, the guns themselves are strategic objects, so they can be spiked by the enemy, requiring each team to think carefully about protecting their own guns and occasionally attacking those belonging to the other.

    EAPlay.com: Describe any single player components to the game and how have they changed from previous Battlefield games.

    Single Player in Battlefield 2 will be familiar to players of our previous titles. The main difference between Instant Battle (single player) in Battlefield 2, is that we have worked really hard to make the play experience more focused and intense than the Single Player levels in 1942 and Vietnam. The ai-controlled players are smart, deadly and very helpful, responding properly to requests for ammo, health, repairs and assistance.

    EAPlay.com: How will the chain of command work, how are the orders of the commander received by the other players in the field?

    There are basically three levels to the Digital Chain of Command in Battlefield 2. Within an organized team in Battlefield 2 you have a Commander, one to eight Squad Leaders and various Team Members within each squad (of course, you also have some number of players running about doing their own things outside the Chain of Command, to their own taste, which is also fine).

    EAPlay.com: Squad Leaders can operate on their own, in the absence of or even supplemental to a dedicated Commander, generating orders for their Squad using the Command Radio Rose or a drop-down menu on the game map.

    The Commander, with their overhead view of the Battlefield, can issue orders to individual Squads -- these are then accepted or denied by each Squad Leader. If a Squad Leader denies an order, nothing happens (although the Commander may decide to send an audio or VOIP rebuke to the naughty squad in question), but if an order is accepted it is automatically relayed to the rest of the squad -- they get an audio cue, on-screen text and a 3D-map based waypoint indicator in their HUD to follow.

    EAPlay.com: How is the spawn system handled in Battlefield 2?
    The spawn system has been changed for Battlefield 2. While the Spawn Point system is essentially unchanged in Battlefield 2 (team-owned Control Points provide your team with places to spawn), the spawn wave is gone -- each player now has his own individual spawn timer, instead of spawning at the same time as all teammates who died within the last spawn period. Additionally, Squad Leaders act as a spawn point for members of his squad -- this means that a Squad Leader's life is extremely valuable, especially if behind enemy lines. That said, if your team loses all of its Control Points, the Squad Leader spawns cease to function.

    EAPlay.com: Has the health system changed at all?
    The health system is unchanged from Battlefield 1942. No need to change something that works so well.
    However, there are no longer health packs lying around so in order to get ‘healed’ you must call for support from one of the medics on your side. So it’s even more important to play in cohesive squad units if you want to stay alive!

    Regarding Communities:

    EAPlay.com: Will the Battlefield 2 server menu show what country the server is in? This is quite helpful for non US countries.
    This is not planned for Battlefield 2. It is our experience that choosing servers by Ping is the most accurate way to find a good server. We’re putting a lot of effort into securing servers in multiple locations around the world, to ensure an optimal gaming experience for everyone.

    EAPlay.com: Clans are obviously very popular with games like Battlefield. Will there be any features directly within the game to support Clans?
    We'll have some cool stuff to say about this soon

    EAPlay.com: How does the ranking system work in Battlefield 2 and how often do you move up the ranks?
    Players move up in the ranks, from Private on up, by accumulating what we call Score. There are a lot of ways to accumulate Score in Battlefield 2: by defeating other players in combat, healing teammates, repairing friendly vehicles, capturing enemy control points, etc. As you gain ranks by accruing score, you gain the ability to unlock a special weapon for each of the kits. As a higher ranked player, you also get precedence if you apply to be Commander at the same time as lower ranked players. The earlier ranks don't take long to achieve, but the higher ranks will take a significant amount of play to reach.

    Regarding Vehicles:

    EAPlay.com: Has infantry heat-seekers been added to all choppers?

    None of the helicopters in Battlefield 2 have access to heat-seeking missiles.. However, pilots of Attack Helicopters can fire unguided rockets, while their gunners have access to TV-Guided Missiles that can be maneuvered post-launch.

    EAPlay.com: Will bullets penetrate the windshield of choppers, so that it can kill the pilot, or at least shatter it to make it hard for the pilot to see?

    Helicopter windshields are penetrable in Battlefield 2. If you hover in one place for two long, you're just asking for a Sniper round in the old melon.

    EAPlay.com: If I do 90% damage to a vehicle and someone else finishes it off, do I get any points?

    Yes, we have implemented "Kill Assists" against both infantry and vehicle targets in Battlefield 2. Any player that does >50% damage of an enemy player or vehicle will get a Kill Assist.

    EAPlay.com: Will there be any air-lifting or vehicle carrying planes, etc?
    Airlifting has not been implemented in Battlefield 2. We felt that while airlifting was emblematic of the Vietnam era (and thus made sense in that setting) this was not as true in the modern era.

    EAPlay.com: Do tanks, jets and choppers have flares as a countermeasure to deter heat-seeking missiles?
    Tanks and APCs actually have the ability to deploy a smokescreen to defeat the accuracy of enemy Anti-Tank forces. All jets and helos, however, can deploy flares to defeat AA weapon locks.

    Regarding Voice Over IP (VOIP):

    EAPlay.com: Explain how VOIP will be used in Battlefield 2 to enhance the gameplay experience?

    VOIP is very tightly integrated to the Digital Chain of Command that we spoke about above. When players form a Squad together, they gain the ability to speak to each other in VOIP by pressing the Squad Channel button. At the same time, Commanders and Squad Leaders have a separate Command Channel that can be used to pass orders back and forth, while the Squad Leader can also access their Squads through the Squad Channel button.

    EAPlay.com: Will you need any official Battlefield 2 hardware?
    No, sir. Any VOIP headset that is recognized and working in Windows will automatically work in Battlefield 2. In our drive to make VOIP highly accessible, we have attained a true "Plug and Play" experience

    EAPlay.com: Is VOIP directly built into the game or will you be required to connect separately?Connections to the VOIP server associated with a given Battlefield 2 Game Server are handled invisibly to the player, again to meet the goal of ultimate accessibility. Anyone should be able to plug in a head set, join a squad and enjoy serious teamplay.

    Regarding Development Teams:

    EAPlay.com: Is the team who developed Battlefield 2 also developing Battlefield 2 : Modern Combat?While both teams are currently based out of Digital Illusions' Stockholm office, both teams are separate. The Modern Combat product is built as a pure console experience by a team with a background in building great console games. Obviously the same can be said on the PC side, as the Battlefield 2 PC team previously built the 2002 Multiplayer Game of the Year, Battlefield 1942.

    EAPlay.com: How much input have the guys from Trauma Studios had on the game?
    Trauma helped DICE and EA prototype some of the key teamplay features in the game including commander mode and VOIP. There are currently a few Trauma engineers working directly on BF2 out of their offices in New York.

    EAPlay.com: What are the team’s impressions of the “Next Gen” consoles and how will they impact the Battlefield franchise?
    The power of the next gen consoles gives us the ability to bring the Battlefield to life like never before. We’re also very excited about the integrated internet connectivity of the next gen consoles as this will make multiplayer gaming more mainstream.

    Regarding Development Times:

    EAPlay.com: How is the game tracking? Have there been many delays in development?
    Battlefield 2 is tracking well towards our current launch date. In the last couple of months the game has really come together, and we find ourselves having almost too much fun in the daily playtests, meaning that there is extra focus needed to make sure we are still improving and polishing the product every day. We are very confident that we will hit the street with an amazing product, a true successor to Battlefield 1942 in name and play.

    EAPlay.com: Can you comment on any plans for a Battlefield 2 demo, and if so it’s estimate release date?
    A demo is planned. We'll be announcing the demo timing quite soon. Stay tuned!

    Quelle: www.eaplay.com


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    Toll auf Englisch.....
    Gibts das auch auf Deutsch ????
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    Keine Ahnung...aber irgendwann weiß ich es bestimmt !!! ;)
    Um es mal kurz auf Deutsch zusammenzufassen!!!
    BATTLEFIELD 2 WIRD ROCKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Über MrDope alias Necrolix ^^
    Wenn man ne Firewall hat und trotzdem nen Virus bekommt, ist das so als ob beim Sex die Pille versagt hat !!!
    Ps.: Beachtet weder mein Profil noch meine Sig. da ich nach 2 Jahren Schlaf endlich wieder erwacht bin und nun erneut das SF unsicher machen will ^^

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    Ich habe es leider nocht nicht auf Deutsch gefunden

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    Thumbs down Wir haben ein Interviewtopic Leute!

    Schaut mal:

    Die neuesten Interviews (Update jeden Tag!)

    DAS Interview Topic, welches sogar von meiner Wenigkeit erstellt wurde. Der Verfasser dieses Themas hier hätte mir gerne eine PN schreiben können und ich hätte das Interview eingefügt.

    Dieses WICHTIG Topic steht nicht umsonst da, denn es soll viele Themen in denen "nur" ein Interview gepostet wird ersparen. Merkts Euch bitte für die Zukunft. Mail an mich wer ein Interview zu veröffentlichen hat.

    Viele Grüße,

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