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Thema: Komplettlösung für Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back

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    Komplettlösung für Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back


    suche schon seid geraumer zeit eine komplettlösung für crash bandicoot 2 habe bis heut leider noch keine gefunden vieleicht kann mir einer von euch weiter helfen !?

    vielen dank !!!

    mfg robert

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    Crash Bandicoot 2
    Hints and Tips

    c 1998 Grant Appleyard, London, UK.

    1... General Movement skills
    2... Skull/Clear Platforms
    3... Warp Worlds
    4... Bear Control
    5... Pack Control
    6... Guides to Levels


    Just a wee note to say the this guide isn't a full walkthru of Crash Bandicoot2. All I've done is put
    together a few hints and tips for the more difficult areas of this excellent Game. If there is no entry for the
    whereabouts of a particular Diamond or Gem, its because I feel it is not to difficult to find. Also, as a
    rule, most levels provide a Silver Gem if all of the boxes inside it are broken.

    1: General Movement Skills

    The Slide-Jump: Tapping slide just before jumping gives Crash a longer/higher jump. Personally I prefer
    to use the R1 button as the slide. If you get the timing right you can achieve a high jump without sliding
    at all. To achieve the maximum distance, first get to the edge of a given platform, slide off and quickly
    jump at the end of the slide.

    NB: If you are lucky enough to own an analogue controller I recommend its use on the 'flowing' parts of
    the game ie SurfBoarding and JetPacking.

    2: Skull/Clear Platforms

    Inside a number of levels you will find clear platforms. These platforms will only be filled in if they are
    reached without having lost a life previously. (nb: this does not including dying inside a bonus level). If
    you manage this, the platform will be filled in with a 'Skull and Crossbones' enabling you to jump on and
    ride it. Normally these platforms lead to a separate (and more difficult) stage, containing a Gem of some

    Don't worry, you can die inside these sub-levels without losing the platform. *** Important- invariably
    these extra levels do not contain boxes but on a few they do. Also, if the extra level has its own ending
    warp point, the boxes in the main part of the level will have to be broken before entering the extra stage.

    3: Warp Worlds

    Rather confusing at first but easy once you have a few!! Throughout Crash2 are 5 WarpPoints leading
    to a High Up Warp Platform. For every WarpPoint you find you are given the entrance to another stage
    / a second entrance to an existing stage.

    4: Bear Control

    The main thing to remember regarding control of the little polar bear is the ability to adjust his speed.
    Pressing slide (ie R1) will give him a burst of speed (and any following jump will travel further), whilst
    pressing down on the D-Pad will slow him down a little, giving you more time to smash tricky boxes.

    5: Pack Control

    As with the bear, learning how to use the JetPack is a requirement with Crash2. Basically get used to the
    slight Drag/Inertia. Also, proficient use of the top keys (L1= fly forward, R1= fly backward) is a must.

    6: Guides to Levels

    *> Level 1: Turtle Woods

    Silver Gem: Collect all boxes
    Blue Gem: After gaining the Silver Gem, repeat the level without getting ANY
    boxes at all.
    Sub-lev: Belly Flop thru the Face on the ground (just before the 2nd
    checkpoint) to access a sub-level. Inside it jump on the Ostriches
    backs and slide-jump off to reach boxes.
    Pits: Spin spin spin to kill the rats immediately as they rise.

    *> Level 2: Snow Go

    Red Gem: Accesible only from Warp World Entrance
    Green Switch: Come towards the screen just after dropping down to the penultimate
    checkpoint to find this.
    Normal Switch: Near end of level bounce high on the second spring box to hit the
    switch- this fills in the two boxes encountered just before.

    *> Level 3: Hang Eight

    Silver Gem#1 Collect all boxes inc. the one inside the Blue Gem stage
    Silver Gem#2 Reach the end of the level before the timer runs out (roughly
    60secs).. take long diagonal jumps to save time!

    *> Level 4: The Pits

    Crystal: Take the left hand fork half way thru level.
    Hint: Take the left hand fork first, until you find the switch. Hit this
    then backtrack the way you came to the fork, this time going right.

    *> Level 6: Snow Biz- *** Requires Red Gem ***

    *> Level 7: Air Crash

    Silver Gem#1 Collect all boxes- This is only possible by beginning from the Warp
    Silver Gem#2 Inside a sub-level. See Skull n Crossbones notes.
    Warp World: Just before you get on the first surfboard, jump across the floating
    3 boxes to reach a warp platform.

    *> Level 9: Crash Crush

    Hint: Backtrack to the right at the fork, a platform at the end will
    return you.

    *> Level 10: Eel Deal

    Crystal: At the second fork take the left hand tunnel.
    Green Gem: At the first fork take a right. Navigate thru the Nitro boxes until
    you reach the wall at the far end. Jump THRU the wall and follow
    this tunnel to find the green gem.

    *> Level 11: Plant Food

    Yellow Gem: Reach the end of the level before the timer runs out (roughly
    60secs) to get the yellow.

    *> Level 12: Sewer/Later- *** Requires Yellow Gem ***

    Hint: There are no boxes inside the Yellow gem level.
    Hint2: Take the right hand path at the fork to hit switches before
    backtracking down the left hand path.

    *> Level 13: Bear Down

    Warp World: At the end of the level jump on the platforms floating in the lake
    to reach a warp platform. This gives you the second entrance to
    Air Crash (lev 7).

    *> Level 14: Road to Ruin

    Silver Gem#1: Inside a (boxless) sub-level See Skull n Crossbones notes.
    Silver Gem#2: To collect all boxes you must start this level from the warp world.
    (note: you will need to collect the crystal first)

    *> Level 15: Unbearable

    Hint: Watch for the First pit that the Big Polar Bear falls into. Drop
    into this to access a sub-level. Also, be sure to smash the two high
    boxes nastily placed 1/2 way thru (just after the checkpoint) this
    WarpWorld: At the end of the level (after you are catapulted off the little
    bear) return up the screen and jump over the crevice. Walk up to
    the little bear to find the warp point. This gives you level 26
    Totally Bear.

    *> Level 16: Hangin out

    WarpWorld: Track backwards just before the ? platform to enter a sub-level
    leading to a warp point. This gives you level 27 Totally Fly.

    *> Level 17: Diggin' It

    Silver Gem#2: Skull n Crossbones platform on left fork path.
    Hint#1: Inside the (?) bonus level, jump up the stacks of boxes (topped
    with TNT's) to reach high platform & extra lives.
    Hint#2: Make sure you collect boxes on both the left and right forks
    (this means some tough backtracking).
    WarpWorld: Belly flop on top of the bomb-spitting plant sitting on an island
    nr the end of the level. This warppoint gives you the second
    entrance to Road to Ruin (lev14).

    *> Level 18: Cold Hard Crash- Toughy!!

    Silver Gem#1: Inside a sub-level reached by using a skull n crossbones platform
    1/2 way thru the stage. Inside this difficult sub-level, you will
    need to flick the green switch at the end, then return all the way
    back to the start to smash the boxes that are filled in.
    Hint: Inside the (?) bonus level, when you come to across two 10-fruit
    boxes, jump *on top* of the higher one to smash a hidden box.
    Hint2: Also inside the (?) bonus level, near the end, be sure to trigger
    the first of the TNT boxes, move away, then return to set off all
    the others.

    *> Level 19: Ruination *** Requires Green Gem ***

    Note: The Green Gem sub-level does not contain any boxes.

    *> Level 20: Beehaving

    Magenta Gem: Jump up the 'inactive' nitro boxes found half-way thru the level
    to access the sub-level containing the Magenta Gem.

    *> Level 21: Piston It Away

    Hint: To collect every box first go thru the whole level without dying,
    smashing every box. Then, return to the skull n crossbones platform
    located half-way thru the level. This way every box is broken.

    *> Level 23: Night Fight

    Hint: First make it to the skull platform, jump on it and follow the path
    to collect the Gem. Now, kill yourself to return to the earlier
    checkpoint( you get to keep the Gem). This time take the right hand
    route, following this until you reach the point where the two paths
    reconverge. Double-back (quickly) to find/smash 2 elusive boxes.

    *> Level 25: Spaced Out *** Requires ALL Gems ***

    Warp Platform Worlds

    *> Level 26: Totally Bear - See bear control.

    *> Level 27: Totally Fly

    Hint: To collect all boxes: When you come across 6 re-inforced boxes,
    try to memorise their positions so that you can find a belly-flop
    them in the dark. You can avoid the Light-Moth, range ahead to break
    the boxes, then return to activate the moth and make it safely
    to the next checkpoint.
    Look over your shoulder, ready to run.
    Like a good little bitch, from a smokin gun.

    Try to figure out what my moods gonna be.
    Come on over sucker, why don't you ask me?

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