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Thema: Lösungen gesucht!

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    Lösungen gesucht!

    Ich suche die Komplettlösungen für PS2-Spiele
    1.Evil Twin, denn irgendwie bin ich nicht in der Lage, diese schwarze Wolke zu zerstören.
    2. Spyro, Heros Tail

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    EVIL TWIN LÖSUNG (Englisch) :
    7.Anything else


    L3 Left joystick: Use to move around
    R3 Right joystick: Use to move camera
    Left and right buttons: Scroll Buddy weapons
    L1 OR R1: Move camera
    L1 AND R1: Place camera behind Cyprien
    Triangle: 1st person view
    Square: Action button
    Cross: Jump
    Square then Cross: Morph into Supercyp
    Cross then square: Rodeo attack
    Circle: Fire projectile
    Start: Pause
    Select: Menu

    Special Controls for SuperCyp

    Pressing jump repeatedly while using directional buttons: Fly across
    large distances (Try to time when you press jump for more distance)
    Triangle: Power Drain
    Cross then Square: Super Rodeo
    Square: Super sprint
    Square then Cross: Morph to SuperCyp

    Please note, Super Cyp cannot access the menu, use items or perform
    actions. To do this you will have to morph back.


    In a small orphanage, on a dark and storny night, a small boy stares
    into a bathroom mirror. Lost, alone, pissed off. He is Cyprien.
    Suddenly, through the door bursts one of Cypriens friends, who calls him
    to the party. It's Cyp's. It's his birthday. At the party, are his four
    partners in crime: Vinnie, Joey, Steve and Dave. as Cyp celebrates, he
    thinks of his parents, who died on that very day, a few years ago. After
    an arguement, Cyp storms out and leaves his friends to party. In his
    room, Cyp converses with his stuffed bear, Lenny. As he thinks of
    growing up, his friends are sucked into nothingness by a mysterious
    force. Suddenly, Cyprien renounces his imagination, and instantly, his
    world is thrown into chaos.....



    Area 1
    From the start, walk forward and read the question mark (action button).
    Jump on the box, then onto land. Watch the cutscene and listen
    carefully. Now, use the stone structure to practice moving as it is
    quite tricky at first. Once you feel ready, make your way across the
    series of little islands in that slope up to a path. Follow the path to
    a ladder. Climb up the two ledges. You should see a moon on the ground
    surrounded by stars. Walk through these as they will act as your
    continue points when you die(Note: That is not the same as a save) Now,
    stand back, opposite the wooden wall, and turn to face it. Go into first
    person mode, and move your sight up untill you see a green ball take aim
    and the pull back the sling shot using the missile button(You can go
    futher the more you pull it back). When you hit it, the draw bridge
    should lower. Walk across and you will see a soldier in a cage. Shoot
    the green ball next to it, and he will be free. Kill him using your
    attacks, by running as far away as possible and then turning and aiming
    for him(Dont use first person mode) . You can heal by using the band-
    aids. Once he is dead, walk into the centre of the room to proceed to
    the next area.

    Area 2
    From your start walk towards the screen until the camera zooms in. Now,
    drop down to your right, then to your left 3 times. Jump onto the box
    with the question mark. Now you can make your way round to the right to
    get your first life if you like(thats the only one I'm gonna point out,
    you will have to explore levels to find the rest), but then continue
    forward across the islands, untill wilbur drops down. Then listen to
    Wilbur. He will tell you about SuperCyp. Now you will see a Question
    mark at the top of the screen. This informs you that Cyp has writtene
    something new(and usually useful) in his note book. To access it, press
    select then scroll through the menu using the L1 R1 buttons.Press select
    again to exit. Now continue across the islands until you reach a
    volcano. Around you you will se Super Cyp bonuses. Collect these to fill
    up your Super Cyp meter at the top of your screen. The more you have,
    them longer you can be Super Cyp. BEWARE! The meter drains all the
    time(except when you pause or go to the menu), regardless of whether you
    are Supercyp or not. Also, if you use SuperCyps powers the meter will
    drain even more. Once the meter is empty you will automatically morph
    back into Cyprien. Collect the bonuses and morph. Jump onto the highest
    platform in the volcano and look around the bottom of the vocano. Ignore
    the lone platform, and jump on to the nearest of a group of 3. Jump
    across the 3 , then kill the baddie using fireballs. Now use the flying
    jump by pressing jump repeatedly while moving forward to land on the
    platform where the baddie was. Walk forward to the next area.

    Area 3
    Leave the door way and walk clock wise until you reach a continue point.
    Avoid any solidiers, they are too much hassle. At the continue point,
    walk left and follow the path round, avoiding any holes in the floor.
    Walk up to the gate and view the cutscene. Hmmm, can't get in... Go
    back to the continue point, an carry on clock wise looking at the water
    until you see a little island that is right next to the edge of land.
    Follow the islands in a.. yup, you guessed it clockwise direction until
    the ledges start to go up into the air. Follow them up. Pick off any
    soldiers (using 1st Person) from different platforms to the ones that
    they are on. Jump on the floating button then onto the ledge and kill
    the next solider. Jump on the next button and let it take you to the
    next ledge. Hop off then follow the ledge round for another. Repeat once
    more until you reach a complete ledge, where you will see a button
    somewhere along the edge. Get on ,go up, get off, follow ledge, get on,
    go up, get off and you should be at the top. Drop down to where the blue
    ball of light is and then watch the cutscene. Then go through the door

    Area 4
    Let the lift take you down, then walk up to the alchemist. Listen to him
    and he will give you some magic powder. Take the lift back up.

    Area 3 cont.
    Get back down to the bottom of the tower and select the powder. Do this
    by entering the menu, placing the cursor over powder and presing action.
    Then exit the menu. Go back to the gate with the guards and you should
    be allowed to enter.

    Area 5
    Listen to Wilbur and he will explain saves. Now, to your left is Wilbur.
    Whenever you see Wilbur like that, that means he is a save point. Look
    out for him as he is few and far between. Carry on walking left to find
    a camera. This can be exchanged for a save with the Wilbur that you just
    saw. So, one camera equals one save. When you have one simply go to
    Wilbur and press action. You can count how many you have left by going
    to the menu. Now, in the middle of this area is a great fire pit. Walk
    towards it, then walk left to a tower. Climb it and move around it until
    you see a ledge that you can jump onto on the other side of the fire
    pit. If you can't see one, you have climbed the wrong tower. Jump onto
    that ledge and make your way down the ledges and onto solid ground. Now
    make your way towards the large building and jump onto the button that
    is going up and down. Once it takes you up, go through the door behind
    the guard and climb the ladder. At the top, speak to the Mayor. Now go
    through the door that has just opened up.


    Area 1
    Take the moving platform down to the jungle floor, and go in the hole in
    the ground.

    Area 2
    Walk down the tunnel and talk to Vinny. Exit.

    Area 1 cont.
    Follow the area round untill you see a spiders web on the wall. Climb
    the mushrooms and enter the hole.

    Area 3
    Walk up to the spider and talk to her. Leave

    Area 1 cont.
    Walk round and fall into the newly uncovered river.

    Area 4
    Follow the lilly pads and collect the Supersyp bonuses. Fly jump over
    the reeds and carry on across the lilypads and up the spider webs. When
    you reach a split in the river go either way as it doesn't matter. As
    you reach a waterfall follow the ledges down the side. When they run
    out, jump and try to aim for the lilypad with a contimue point on. Follw
    the lily pads again then use the hot air to float up to the top and out
    through the hole.Follow more lilypads and more ledges up and out through
    a waterfall. Drop down the stones and you will come to another
    waterfall. Follow the ledges down the side. Across the lilypads. Collect
    the flyquito and use the hot air to exit the area.

    Area 1 cont.
    Go back up to the spider.

    Area 3 cont.
    Select the fly from the menu and give it to the spider. She will give
    you a net. Leave.

    Area 1 cont.
    From the spiders web area walk clockwise until you get to another set of
    mushrooms. Climb them and the flowers above them to reach another area.

    Area 5.
    From the entrance, (BTW, if you want to collect everything in this area
    ,use superCyp to cover long distances and to stand on poisionous
    mushrooms) walk forward then go through the hol in the wall on Cyps
    left. Collect the Supercyp bonus and quickly jump onto the next
    mushroom and then the big ledge in the middle of the area. Follow it
    round to a mushroom that can be easily reached.Jump onto another
    mushroom, then onto the outer ledge.Follow it round untill you are on
    the side opposite to where you came in. Where the ledge juts out, jump
    onto another ledge.Follow it along and talk to the beetle. Then drop
    down and collect the special enhancement for your weapon(that is
    optional).Kill all the praying mantis's, then go back up to the beetle.
    He will give you a weed. Now exit.

    Area 1 cont.

    Go to the only set of mushrooms you haven't climbed, and climb them. get
    on the branch and follow it up to the tree. Enter.

    Area 6
    Ok, select the net from the menu. Basically what you have to do here is
    collect all the glowing bugs. It's pretty straightforward, but if you
    need help just email me on: yll0@hotmail.com .If you find you are
    missing 2, then try falling down the upper shaft on the 3rd level. Once
    you have them all, exit at the top.

    Area 1 cont.

    Now go through the newly opened hole in the wall

    Area 7
    Select the net from the menu. Walk right and jump up onto a ledge. Jump
    across a series of about 5 ledges until you come to a path. As soon as
    you are on the path, turn left and jump up to catch the small ledge.
    Walk and you will see the cutscene with the termite general. Jump up to
    the now open passage way. Carry on up the path. Avoid the bug there and
    jump up the stairs. At the top of the stairs take a few steps then turn
    around and jump to the next ledge. Walk along and climb another set of
    stairs. Climb out of the hole and go left. Jump up the ledges and walk
    right and you should see some light coming in from an opening, walk
    towards the light and you will go down a hole leading to the Termite
    Queen. Speak with her and . Go back out of the hole and collect the
    fungus eating termite. Carry on walking right, right out the door.

    Area 8
    Follow the path round shooting any flying bugs that come your way. On
    your route, you will speak to a man by the name of Dr Folk, who needs
    your help. Dr folk is a recurring character, btw. Once you reach the
    blocked off part of the path, near a sign, you need to shoot the rotten
    fruit. To do this, back up the path a little way and take aim using the
    1st person perspective. Aim for just above shimmering stem of the large
    rotten fruit.Hit it a few times and it will fall clearing your path.
    Follow the path down, killing more flying foes. Halfway down, the tree
    will come to life. Carry on to the bottom then hide underneath the path
    where the camera is (there is a save point Wilbur nearby). Go into first
    person perspective a quickly shoot the ends of the branches shooting
    projectiles at you. Once you have hit them all you will be able to use
    the fungus eating termite on the Mushroom. I advise you save now.

    Area 9
    From the start walk forward onto the ledge. Now, without getting hit,
    make your way down to the bottom of the room. When you get to the
    Continue point, walk off the ledge and get underneath it. This should
    give you suitable cover. In first person perspective, shoot the two arms
    that are firing at you. Once they are dead, hit each of the its eyes
    once, then hit them mouth three/four times until it falls off. Now hit
    the two new arms three times each. This should kill it once and for all.
    But there is no time to lose as the room is filling up with water.
    Quickly make your way back up to the top of the room the same way you
    came. Once out sit back and watch the cut scenes.

    Area 2 cont.

    Area 1 cont.

    Go see the spider.

    Area 3 cont. talk to doctor folk and the spider. Leave.

    Area 1 cont.
    Enter the new blue ball of light that has appeared of the jungle floor.

    Area 10

    Carefully navigate the webs until you reach the Golden spider.

    Area 1 cont.
    Go and see the spider

    Area 3 cont.
    Watch the cut scene.Now get on the boat. You're off to see the Folk!


    Area 1
    (You may wish to go back to the Demis to try out Vinces new weapon if
    you wish.)
    Use the floating umbrellas to navigate the water. Time your jump
    carefully on the umbrellas that move. You may need to super jump on some
    of the umbrella. once you reach the boat, make your way up the ledges
    and climb the ladder. Navigate a few more ledges and you will come to a
    small alcove that goes right. Walk through it out onto the ledge and
    jump onto another ledge. In 1st person shoot the sleeping guard, and he
    will begin his job again. Jump onto the new umbrella and let it take
    you up. At the top jump onto the left ledge and awaken the guard on the
    right ledge. Walk left and jump onto the sliding ledge. Quickly jump
    again onto another ledge. Take the umbrella down to the next ledge and
    drop of the left end of that onto a continue point. Walk left along
    there an jump up onto the only non moving ledge. Now, your jumps need to
    be well timed here or you will fall off the ledges. But a really good
    tip is, if you don't think you are going to be able to jump, walk into
    the boat. Whast I mean is, press the forward button while you are on the
    ledge. Then, even if it falls down, you won't fall off. Hold it down
    until the ledge comes back up then jump onto the next. Repeat until at
    the top. Walk right until you reach some waterfalls. Now here is where
    to stand so you don't get hit.
    1st waterfall: Far right
    2nd waterfall: Far left
    3rd warterfall: Jump
    4th waterfall: Jump onto the ledge.
    Now, after selecting the Golden Spider from the menu, exit this area

    Area 2
    After watching the cut scenes, look around the room you are in. on the
    left is the door you need to exit now, on the right is a now locked
    door that leads to the helm. Also, when you return later on,Wilbur will
    be here for saving. Exit via the left door.

    Area 3
    Now I suggest you have a look around a bit. It will help loads when I
    explain things later. Note that you can stand on the canopies, and
    things. You may want to jump down to the boiler thing in the middle and
    collect the Super Elastic upgrade for your weapon.To get back up you
    need to use Vinces weapon. You find ammo for it on the same ledge.(Go to
    demi island if you haven't already, to test it out) t I'm gonna assume
    that you have looked round, and have come back to the door you came out
    of(Don't go back in). ok, You are on the path. Behind you is a sign.
    You want to walk in that direction.. When you come to the save point,
    jump into the alcove then onto another canopy using the lenny heads as a
    guide. Once down, go into the door.

    Area 4
    Watch the cut scene and listen VERY carefully. After, jump on the red
    button then leave.

    Area 3 cont.
    Go back to the continue point. Now you want to go back the way you came.
    From that continue walk along the path forward. At the end, turn the
    corner and walk along that path. Stop. You should see a small path that
    goes behind a building here. Walk along that. Drop down, and pull the
    lever. Get back up, and walk back along that short path again. Now jump
    up onto the roof canopy. Opposite you you should see another path. Jump
    onto it. Follow it down and round a building. Once you reach the end.
    Ajust the camera so that you can see another little canopy further round
    the building you are next to. Jump onto it and pull the lever. Heres
    where things get interesting. Go back to the beginning of this area (the
    path below where the mayors house is) and walk in the opposite direction
    to the one you you went first time. You will come to a fork with a sign
    on each path. Take the right path(as in not the left path) and follow it
    round to the continue. What you need to do is jump onto the ledge that
    is just in front of you. Here you will find a lever. Pull the lever a
    clock starts. Quickly, run back to the fork in the path, and takethe
    path you didn't take before.. As you run round you will se a canopy very
    slightly higher than cyprien with 4 lenny heads on. Jump onto that. Now
    jump onto the very short piece of path that is floating in mid air, then
    jump again to catch a higher ledge. Run around it and jump up onto
    another floating ledge. Then onto an Orange umbrella, then another
    floating ledge then another umbrella. Turn to your left and walk to the
    edge. Jump onto the new umbrella. Then jump down the hole to exit this

    Area 5.
    Watch the cutscene. After that, walk to the right.. Now walk toward the
    screen. Eventaly the camera will pan round and you will see your next
    set of obstacles. Climb up the boxes then jump over a series of ledges.
    You will see something that is revolving with two ledges on it. Jump
    onto one of the ledges, and as it reaches the top jump over the vent
    blocking your way back down onto the moving ledge. Then jump onto
    another ledge, then onto a platform. Here you can eith time your runs so
    that you don't fall off (harder) or use my method and wait until the
    blocks have already started to come out then jump onto it and run
    across. Repeat until the last one, on which you should jump onto the
    block and use it to hoist you up to the platform. Walk left and climb
    up onto a ledge. Make your way along these moving ledges by timing your
    jumps carefully. After about 3 moing platform you should be on another
    ledge with another of those rotating contraptions. Jump onto one and let
    it take you round. If there is a ledge there, good, jump onto it. If
    there isn't you need to get onto the other end of the rotating thing.
    Once on the ledge, quickly run to the bit closest the wall , and you
    should go through the hole. Run to the end again, once through, and jump
    onto another rotator. Let it take you round, then jump onto the thin
    ledge and onto the continue point. Avoid the swinging obsticale, and
    quickly run across the mini platforms, as they drop away. Run across
    another set, then onto a platform full of swinging obsticles. Navigate
    them, then onto some more drop away ledges complete with swinging
    obsticles. One more set and then jump onto another rotator, being
    mindful of the swinging obsticle. Collect the Supercyp bonuses then
    super fly jump across the next ledges. To get up the slope, you can
    either use SuperCyps Super sprint or you can hop up using jumps. At the
    continue point jump onto the bouncing thing and jump onto the next
    platform. Wait for the moving platform to come then run into the end
    attached to the wall to avoid being knocked off. Jump onto the other
    moving platform. This time run to the end not aatched to the wall. Jump
    onto a third moving platform, and jump over the stick. Then jump onto
    the platform and walk left to exit this area.

    Area 6

    From the start collect the ammo for vinces weapon and jump onto the
    seesaw. Let it tip as far as it wil go then quicky run to the end and
    jump onto the next ledge. Run straight across ignoring the slope. Walk
    left onto the shelf like ledges. go round the corner onto another ledge
    then onto another shelf. Jump onto the seesaw and let it tip. Then run
    across it and jump onto one of the small ledges sticking out of the
    wall. Jump onto the seesaw, let it tip the run and jump into the water.
    run against the water to stop yourself going over the edge and jump your
    way up the river to the continue point. Then launch yourself at the wall
    which you should cling onto. Climb up to the top and go left. Use the
    boxes to navigate the current . Get onto the ledge and grab the map,
    then leave by the door on the right.

    Area 3 cont.
    Use the canopies to get back up to path and go round to see the
    captain. Have the map selected.

    Area 4 cont.
    Talk to the Captain and the navigator. Leave.

    Area 3 cont.
    Go back into the mayors house.

    Area 2 cont.
    Go through the previously locked door.

    Area 7
    Jump down onto the ground and have a look around. Walk up to the door
    and view the cut scene. Now collect the 2 acorns either side of the
    door Now go to eith side of the area and you should see in the air
    alot more acorns. Use the two acorns you have to shoot the air vent in
    the floor and the one on the pointything above it. Now stand in the vent
    and the rest should happen by it self. Now, you need at least 4 acorns
    for this. On the right, of the door in the air you should see some
    supercyps and some extra lives you should also see two vents. Shoot both
    of them with acorns. Now, just opposite them on the left there is a vent
    on the wall and a vent on the floor with nothing in the air. Shoot both
    of them two vents. Now stand on the one in the floor and let them do
    their thing. If you did it right, you should now have some supercyp
    bonuses. Morph into supercyp and fire ball the door. Now morph back and
    talk to the helmsman.

    Area 8
    After watching the cinematic view, climb up on the cogs with the super
    cyp bonuses. Jump forward onto the continue point. jump onto the next
    cog then onto the cargo lift. Let it take you up then quickly jump onto
    another cog. Jump onto a final cog, then into what looks to be a hamster
    wheel. Using the hole wait until it lines up with the wheel next to it
    then jump through. From the second wheel jump onto the the cargo lift.
    at the top jump of and squeese under neth the cogs. Jump up to catch
    onto the right cog and let it take you to the top. On your right, jump
    across the three moving platforms into another hamster wheel. jump
    across to yet another hamster wheel and then another cargo lift. Now hop
    off and run along the top of wheels then onto a conveyer belt. Jump into
    another hamster wheelthe step out the back onto another conveyer belt.
    Go along it and jump on to the lift. At the top, jump into the continue
    point then jump round the corner onto the ledge.Navigate the sliding
    ledges up to the top, then get on a moving platform that takes you up.
    Jump onto the long ledge and walk across, being careful not to fall down
    on the lagging. At the end, shoot the squidgie (black cloud).

    Area 3 cont.
    Go back down to where you were when you exited Area 6. Enter the newly
    opened door.

    Area 9
    Ooooh, this one's a toughy. Fall to the floor and load up on Super cyps.
    Climb back up to the entrance. Now you have to VERY QUICKLY make your
    way across the moving platforms, use your flying jumps when you have to
    , but try and save as much energy as you can for when you have to make a
    huge great leap. Once you have managed it, and believe me you WILL be
    here a while, pul the lever, and a door behind you will open. Drop to
    the floor and run to the diagonally opposite corner of this area. Climb
    up to the moving platform, and let it take you up to another non moving
    platform. Once on that, make your way across the non moving platforms
    until you run out. Once that happens jump agains the wall and keep
    walking into it whilst doing that move left, and you should move while
    at the same time hugging the rim of that wall. Once you are above the
    door that just opened drop down into it.

    Area 10
    Speak to the blind anchor man then pull the lever on the other side of
    the room. Exit.

    Area 9
    Now drop to the floor and follow the same route you took to the anchor
    room but this time make sure you power up on super cyps and instead of
    going straight across, climb up the platforms that are above you, you
    should eventually arrive at a door. Enter.

    Area 11
    Walk straight ahead and Supercyp firefall the crates with pictures of
    bombs on then. Now, behind that structure you should see a set of
    stairs. Climb them and wal forward. You will see a cut scene. Now go
    back down the stairs and collect an acorn. Use it on the vent you
    uncovered when you blew up the boxes. Fly up to the top and speak to the
    Look out. Grab the key and float back down again. Face the stairs and
    now go right. Select the key and enter the gate (if it doesn't work you
    are at the wrong gate, run to the one on the opposite side of the room.
    Now use the acorns to shoot the vents on the walls. Shoot them as you
    go. Once you reach the continue point turn and face the opposite wall
    and shoot the vent. Float over to the ledge with the super Cyp bonuses.
    Use them to fly jump over to the next ledge.Shoot the last vent. Float
    up to the top and exit through the hole.

    Area 12

    Walk down the ledge to the head of the giant folk. Using the swinging
    cages to make your way across to the Svótla keeper. Speak to him. Now
    select the Svótlas grass from the menu. Talk to him again.

    Area 13
    Ok, basically all you ahve to do here is make it across the perilous
    bridges without fallling in the water. Pretty straightforward. Just
    don't stand on the green bits too long as they give way after a while.
    Try and get a feel for how long you have to press forward for each
    distance.Once you reach the end , watch the cut scene.

    Area 3 cont.
    Now go and see the captain.


    Area 1
    From the start, climb up the ledges, using the lenny heads as guides.
    Once you get some super Cyp bonuses, drop down and fire ball the door.
    Go through and shoot out another door. Go through and watch the
    conversation. Now from where you are the room goes round in a circle and
    there are 7 doors. Going clockwise they lead to:

    I. The menu
    II. Candy Kingdom - Gum
    III. The Oven - Cake
    IV. Pumkin Farm - Carrots
    V. Wine factory - Wine
    VI. I-scream mountain -
    VII. Wilbur - save

    Now enter Candy Kingdom.

    Area 2
    Walk forward towards the building in the center of the area. Walk around
    it until you find a vent with an acorn on. Shoot the vent with the acorn
    and float up. Jump on to the building and walk round it until you find a
    button. Stand on it. Now drop to the floor and enter the building.
    Collect the gum and another acorn and exit the area.

    Area 1 cont.
    Now enter Scarecrow farm.

    Area 3
    Walk forward to the wall then go right. Climb up 3 ledges then use the
    acorn on the vent in the floor. Go up then jump across 3 more ledges.
    Now, use the vines on the wall to climb across to the next ledge. Jump
    onto another ledge then use some more vines. Jump across 4 more ledges
    until you reach another vent. Shoot it and float up. Walk up to the
    scarecrow and talk to him. Now jump into the vegatable field. ~Now this
    boss is really simple, just avoid his attacks and shoot the scarecrow on
    his head. If he covers him with his hands just jump back into the
    vegatable field then jump out again. Once he is beaten, collect the
    carrot from the middle and exit.

    Area 1 cont.
    now enter the wine factory.

    Area 4
    Speak to the waiter. Now pass through the door. The aim is to stop 3
    grapes from getting squashed by the monks. Here how to do it. Run to the
    conveyer on the far side. To stop the obstacles from squashing the
    grapes you have to press the button that is behind each obstacles
    respective monk. I suggest you go down to where the second monk is and
    kill him. Now wait for a grape to make it through the first obstacle
    (This happens about one in every 5/6 grapes) Once it is through, count 6
    seconds then jump on the button. If you timed it right , the grape
    should pass through. Now quickly run down to the next monk and jump over
    him (but not onto the button) wait until the grape is a the same
    distance away as it was on the last obstacle, THEN hit the button. The
    grape should now pass through into the wine pool. Repeat twice more to
    get a bottle of wine. Exit

    Area 1 cont.
    Now go to I-scream mountain

    Area 5
    Morph into supercyp and fly across to the ledge. Now what you need to do
    is navigate the ice blocks onto the 3 other ledges like the one you just
    landed on. Once on them power up on super cyps and fly to the small
    ledges that are on the outer wall. Once there, morph back and walk
    around that ledge until something happens to the ice cream. Now fly back
    and move on to the next ledge. Once you have done all three, climb the
    stairs that have formed around the ice cream.

    Start point
    | |
    2nd | ______ |
    Ledge | | Ice | | 1st ledge
    | |Cream | |
    | |____ _| |

    3rd Ledge

    At the top in 1st person, aim for the large spike above the monster.
    Shoot it a few times untill it falls. Walk up the path and collect the
    ice (avoid the spikes that come out of the ground) Exit.

    Area 1 cont.
    Enter the oven

    Area 6
    Speak to the waiter. Now go through the door and step on the button.
    Jump across the cucumbers up onto the other side. Follow the path round,
    avoiding any flying vegatables. Jump on the next button. Now navigate
    the carrots, avoiding the sinking ones. Jump up onto the ledge and
    follow it round for a third buton. Now navigate some more carrots and
    pull up. Now go through a door to a room with conveyers. Let it take
    you across, avoiding the chop sticks. Turn a corner and time your jumps
    over the holes and the fire breathing statuetes. Around another corner,
    and make your way through the knifes and the push boards. Take a super
    jump across the gap onto another ledge. Now navigate this next room
    steping on the push boards as they rise out of the water. Jump over the
    burners and the tilting grates. A few more grates, carrots and push
    boards and you will be at the end. Collect your cake and exit.

    Area 1 cont.
    Now, select the cake from the menu. Kill the two cwaiters and the boss
    comes to life All you have to do is shoot the cake into Big Joes mouth 6
    times. To do that go into first person mode as soon as he starts
    swaying. Aim for his mouth, and as soon as he slows shoot the cake into
    his mouth. Then get out the way, because he is gonna throw up! Once you
    have killed him., watch the cut scenes!


    (Go to the demis if you want to learn how to use Joeys Weapon)
    Area 1
    Run to the mini blimp at the end of run way and jump on. Let it take you
    to another, which will take you to another,which will take you to
    another, which will take you to another. Quickly drop down onto the one
    below it, and wait until it lines up with a final blimp, hop on and let
    it take you to the ledge. Jump onn the button oposite the save point. Go
    into the hole.

    Area 2
    Talk to the captain. Leave.

    Area 1 cont.
    Run to the where the continue point is and jump over the edge. Stand on
    the button. Run back and jump down behind where the sign is. Use the
    propellers to push yourself into the air. Make your way across the
    propellers until you reach the top. Now, run to the end of the metal
    framework, being careful not to fall off the edge. At the end, you
    should see another button. Jump on. Now run back to the metal bar in the
    middle of this room where the blue balloon is. Use the propellers to
    carry you up to a door. Ignore this door as it is of no use for the
    moment. Use the last propeller to carry you up to a door high above it.

    Area 3

    Walk forward. Note the save point Wilbur. Enter one of the corner joints
    of a pipe to carry you up to the furnace. Two of the grates around the
    furnace are giving of a white smoke. Wait on the grate in between the
    two and face the left one. Wait for a lift to come down. Hop on and let
    it take you up. When another goes past, drop onto it. Let that one take
    you up. Follow a series of them until you get to the top. Enter the
    lighthouse. Watch the cutscenes. Now select the map from the menu. Watch
    some more cut scenes. Now go back down to the bottom of the area. Exit
    the door opposite to the one you came in from.

    Area 4
    From the door drop onto the floor of the area. Make sure you aim for the
    canopy as you don't injure yourself when you fall on that. Now walk left
    to a series of ballons. What you need to do is bounce across them. Time
    your jumps with the bounce of the balloon. Lean forward on the buttons
    as soon as his feet leave each balloon. use his shadow as a guide. You
    need to go in a striagh line across the ballons. When you reach a circle
    in the ballons just bounce around them until you can carry on in the
    same direction. Bounce your self off the end onto a path

    Area 5
    Walk straight ahead and enter the door.

    Area 6
    Jump onto the moving bar and let it take you up to another which will
    take you up to a third. As the third takes you up, quickly ju,p onto the
    ledge on the wall, and wait for the moving bar, above the third, to
    lower itself. Jump on then jump again to the bit attached to it. Let it
    take you up. Jump across again then walk forward and speak to the
    professor. Now climb the ladder to the attic. Shoot out the light brown
    boxes with your catapult. Then collect some SuperCyp bonuses. Shoot out
    the rest of the boxes except the one with a picture on. Now shoot some
    bubblegum at the little bird, and use the bird to walk into the box with
    a picture on.Now collect the coco.
    Go back down to the proffessor. Now walk round the path to another door.

    Area 5 Cont.
    Use the mini blimp.

    Area 4 cont.
    Basically in this room what you have to do is activate all the
    propellers so you can get all,the way to the top to get the feather. Run
    to the wall furthest away from the mini blimp and jump on the button.
    Now use the newly activated propellers to get up to the moving ledge.
    Jump from the moving ledge to a non moving ledge to a propeller. Wait on
    that until another moving ledge comes down. Hop on and use it to get
    across to another set of propellers. Follow the propellers DOWN to a
    moving ledge wich leads to a ledge with a button. Now get back on the
    propellers you just came off of and take them all the way up. Jump up
    where to where the door is and go across another series of propellers.
    Jump on the ledge and then onto the frame work. Follow it along and wait
    for another moving ledge to come along. jump on it then immediately jump
    of again on the other side of the framework. Follow thast along then
    stand on the button. Run back and get back on the moving ledge, but this
    time let it take you up to the top. Make your way across the propellers
    and ledges until you come to a large white ballon and a moving ledge.
    Acorn the air vent on the balloon, then wait for the ledge to come back
    in from of you. Jump forward and the vent should give you the lift you
    need to get onto the ledge then onto the ballon. Use the vents to get
    across to another ledge. Let that take you down. Get off on the left
    side, asuming Cyprien is facing towards the area instead of out into
    space. Jump on the button and use the propellers. Use them to go up, not
    down, but make a not of that door below you as you will need it later
    on. Once on the large platform use the propellers to take you up to
    another canopied platform. Use the telescope if you want. Then use the
    ledges in front of the telescope to go up. Jump on the button, then onto
    the blimp.Let that take you round to a moving ledge, whch will take you
    to another blimp, which takes you to a final ledge. Hop off and use the
    propellers to take you up. Now collect the feather and feel proud. Now
    make your way back to the tele scope and use the ledges behind it to
    make your way down. It's pretty straight forward, but don't forget to
    look out for the rapid fire upgrade to your catapult. Once at the bottom
    of the room, make your way back to the captain.

    Area 2 cont.
    Select the Coco and speak to the captain. Watch the cutscenes. Right,
    now you need to 3 different rooms to get things for the plane. To get to
    the first one enter the room I told you not to enter earlier. The one
    directly below the room with Wilbur. To get there from the Captains
    room, exit.

    Area 1 cont.
    Now use the propellers to get up to where floor is full of holes. Now go
    along the bar in the middle of the room and use the propellers to go up.
    Enter the first door you see.

    Area 7
    Walk forward. Listen to the Flyer. Now what you need to do is jump on
    the bellows. To do this, go in a counter-clockwise direction from the
    bellows to the ledge with falling lava to bellow to the ledge with
    falling lava.Keep going round in that circle until it stops. now go and
    get the jet booster thing from by the entrance. Now exit.

    Area 1 cont.
    Now use the propellers to float you up to the next door. Don't enter
    it. Now use the propellers to float you across to a ledge. Be careful of
    the two propellers working together to push you off the edge. You should
    now be on a ledge next to said propellers. In front should be a ledge
    with a continue point and to you right some more propellers. Use those
    propellers to float you to another ledge with a baddie on a nearby
    platform. Bubble gum the baddie and use him to push the button. Now make
    youre way across the new platforms, but don't step on the moving one. In
    first person, aim for the other baddie in the distance and bubble gum
    him. Use him to push another button. Now make your way across the
    propellers. Wait until each one has floated you as high as it can before
    you move on to the next one or you will not make it. Now enter this new

    Area 8
    Speak to the Flyer. To play this game all you have to do is quickly
    press the launch projectile/ jump buttons in an alternating fashion. Do
    that until you win. Now pick up the propeller. Exit.

    Area 1 cont.
    Make your way back across the propellers to the door on the opposite
    side of the area.

    Area 3 cont.
    Exit via the door on the other side of the room.

    Area 4 cont.
    Now you have to make your way to the door I told you not to enter
    before. All you have to do is follow the route you took to get the
    feather until you reach that door. Enter

    Area 9
    Speak to the flyer. To play this game you have to rotate the analouge
    stick(for playstation) or directional keys(PC)really quickly until the
    Flyer tells you to stop. Collect the wing and leave.

    Area 4 cont.
    Now drop to the floor and use the mini blimp to get to the proffesor.

    Area 5 cont.
    Drop to the floor and walk up to the flying machine. Watch the


    Area 1
    Don't stand still for too long in this area because the teachers gaze
    is dangerous. Note that Wilbur is in the inkwell. Walk to the opposite
    side of the table from the Continue Point. Make your way across the
    books and avoid being shot at by enemies in the turrets. Get onto the
    table then across another set of books (collect that Bubble gum by the
    way, you will need it later.) Once you reach the Globe jump on and then
    jump on a book (not the green one because you won't make it) Then jump
    on the green one. Up onto the ledge, being mindful of the board rubber.
    Enter the door.

    Area 2
    Go and speak to the nurse. Exit

    Area 1 cont.
    Now walk along that path to the next door

    Area 3
    Ignore the badies and run up to the toilets. Shoot each of the 3 cubicle
    doors closed. Now kill the baddies. Talk to each of the two boys in
    cages. The crying boy will give you a stone. A new path will now be open
    next to the toilets. Make your way across, trying not to get hit by the
    jump ropes. Once at the end select the stone from the menu. Now shoot at
    the Number one on the wall. Enter.

    Area 4
    Shoot the Number 1 with a stone. Use the cloud it creates to jump
    across to the next platform. Get onto the moving ledge and go across to
    the non moving ledge then onto another moving one. Shoot the number 2
    and use the clouds to get onto another platform. Go up the hill and
    across the icy half pipe thing. Shoot the number 3 and get onto the
    moving ledge. Let it take you to the top. Now use the ledges and moving
    ledges to get you to the top of this building. At the top shoot the
    number 4 and walk across the pole that forms. Get on the moving ledge.
    At the end get off and get ontot he seesaw walk forward and tip it as
    far as it will go. Shoot the njmber five. Quickly run to the other end
    of the seesaw and shoot the other number 5 that has appeared on the
    level above it. If you do it correctly, the electricity will turn off.
    Jump up to the platform above. Shoot the number six, then climb up the
    ladder. Speak to the hourglass.

    Area 1 cont.
    Now select the sand from the menu and shoot it into the teachers face.
    He should fall asleep. Now make your way round to the globe again, but
    this time jump up onto the teachers desk. Now jump into his pocket.
    Select the glowbugs from the menu. Pick up the nail file and exit. Now
    go back to the playground.

    Area 3 cont.
    Select the nail file from the menu and give it to the boy that isn't
    crying. He wil give you his hat.Exit

    Area 1 cont.
    Go see the nurse.

    Area 2. Select the hat from the menu, and speak to the nurse. Enter the
    newly opened area. Walk along until you find a bed. stand on the
    brownish bit by its side and it will start to move. Keep it moving until
    it is underneath the ladder. Get off and jump onto the bed, then onto
    the ladder above. Climb up the ladder onto a row of beds. Walk across
    and climb up another ladder. Get off and go right and up another ladder.
    Positon the bed so you can jump up to the ledge above. Hop up and go
    left. Here you will find another type of bed: A bouncy bed. Move this
    one until you can use it to get up to another ledge. Climb up a ladder
    and go right. Jump over the hole and climb up another ladder. Jump over
    to a single bed. Go into first person and bubble gum the nurse opposite
    you. Use it to move the bed so that you can make it across to the ledge
    the nurse is on. Jump across and up to another ladder. Climb up and go
    left until you get to the floating bed. Use it to take you up to another
    ledge. go right then jump across toanother ledge. drop down and position
    the bed so you can get across to the next ledge. Use the moving ledge
    here togo uup to the next platform.Position the bed so that you can get
    up the ladder. Here you have to position each of the 3 movable beds so
    that they can be used to bounce from one bed to the next. Once you think
    you have it right, use the moving ledge at the far right. Let it take
    you as high as it will go then drop down onto the first bed, then bounce
    to the second, and then to a ledge. Then jump to a third and bounce to
    the forth and then hopefully onto the next ledge. For more help with
    this email me at : yll0@hotmail.com . On this new platform use the
    moving carpet to get up to the next ledge. Go right and jump across 3
    more ledges then up a ladder. Collect the scisors and press the button
    to call the lift, take the lift to the bottom and exit.

    Area 1 cont.
    Now go back onto the teachers desk and walk up his left arm(that's the
    one on the right) and acorn the air vent on his back Float up to his
    head. Select the scissors from the menu and press the action button.
    Inside his head, you will see 3 things dangling from the ceiling, shoot
    the one in the middle. You may also want to collect the lead marble
    weapon upgrade. Exit. Now you can collect the pen from under his hand.
    Go and see Steve, and select the pen from the menu. Watch the cut scene.
    Now go over to the boxes with pictures of eyeballs on(Make sure you have
    an acorn).Stand on the triangle shaped one, and go into first person.
    Now bubble gum the baddie on the table with a compass on. Use him to
    step on the button that is glowing blue. Now jump over onto the compass
    and walk to safety. Jump onto the next ledge through the gap between
    the pencils and the paper. Jump onto the next ledge then onto another.
    Acorn the vent on the floor and float up to get the paper. Now take the
    paper back to Steve.Select it from the menu. Talk to Steve then get on
    the paper areoplane. Get off at the ledge it takes you to. Jump across
    another ledge, and then across the moving ledge. Then across the other
    ledges until you get to the corner. Collect the Super cyp power up and
    do the next bit very quickly. Make your way across the ledges using
    SuperCyps Flying jump where you have to. Once you reach the next
    continue point, you're almost there. Just 3 more ledges, and jump on the
    bell. Thats it. Relax.

    (You may wish to go see the Demis to practice Steves weapon)

    Area 1
    From the start make your way across the series of boxes. You could shoot
    the baddie if you think it will make things easier for you. From the
    boxes jump onto the mines and follow the path round. Once you reach the
    ledge it will begin to rise. Walk along the path to another ledge that
    will take you up. Get off that and walk along another path until you get
    to a continue point. Collect the SuperCyps and do a flying jump over to
    the next path. Then go to the end that path and do another large jump to
    some curved path. Collect some more SuperCyp bonus then do another
    flying jump across to where there are lots of lenny heads.Follow that
    oath round then use the lift. At the top, quickly run a seek shelter
    behind the crates. Collect some ammo for steves weapon and then fire.
    You have to steer the paper plane into the button next to each of the
    two large guns. Once you have deactivated both of them,follow the large
    truck that is pushing crates around and get into the lift.

    Area 2
    Exit the lift. Note Wilbur on your left. Collect some Super Cyp bonuses
    and shoot out the wall behind wilbur. watch the cut scenes.

    Area 3
    Listen to Dr Folk. Now go into first person and shoot the button through
    the bars in the door. Exit and climb up on the roof. Use the air vent to
    move forward to the next prison. Stand on top of the turned off air vent
    and shoot the buton at the end of the path below in first person mode.
    use the vent to carry you up to a ledge. Walk round the ledge and to the
    end of the path.(Don't get the super Cyp)Stand to the right of the red
    button. Shoot a paperplane at the other red button on a large propeller
    on the floor of the area. Collect the Supercyp bonus and do a flying
    jump onver to the button on the other side. Walk along this new path,
    climb the ladder, stand on the vent and repeat the procces.Climb the
    next ladder and jump into the large air vent behind you.

    Area 4
    Walk forward and go left at the cross roads. Go round the corner and
    shoot the button. Now come back out and take the lane that is now on
    your left.Watch out for the holes that open up in the floor. Go through
    the door way and go right and walk down the large hill. Go round the
    bend and jump over another series of holes. You will come to another
    crossroads. Go left and shoot the button. Now turn back on your self and
    run round the corner and straigh over at the cross roads. The path
    should bend right and there should be a button. Shoot it.Now go back up
    the big hill and turn right. Shoot the button at the end of the
    corridor. Now go back down the big hill, round the corner across the
    series of holes, over at the cross roads and straight ahead. Go round
    the corner and through the continue point. Go round the corner and
    shoot the big red button to raise the bridge. Go across, collect the
    SuperCyps and morph. Use your lightning attack on the big monster until
    it dies. Now exit and shoot the big red button on the other side to
    raise the bridge again. Go back across the bridge and straight ahead
    through the newly unblocked door. Run straight ahead over the holes in
    the floor until you reach a locked door.(Walk straight past the red
    button.) Now shoot a paper plane and use it to hit that red button. Now
    enter the door that has opened.

    Area 5
    Now you are in the boiler room. Opposite you in the room is Wilbur and
    some ammo for Steves and Vinces weapon. Go collect it then walk around
    the boiler in the middle of the room until you find a vent.Acorn it and
    ride it up to the top level. From here shoot a paper areoplane across
    to the other side of the room where you will see a target on a piece of
    paper. Hit that to open the cage it was stuck to. Use another paper
    plane to hit the button inside that cage. Now send out a third paper
    plane,but this time turn right at the boiler to hit another button. Do
    this a few times until you get it exactly right and the boiler rumbles.
    Now this time your plane needs turn left at the boiler, and go through
    the air duct hole in the wall. Once in there it must go left at a fork
    and hit a moving object. Then you need to send another one through that
    Duct, this time turning right at the fork and following it round to hit
    a button. Don't expect to hit the last two first time. It is not easy
    and it will probablytake you ages. There is no real advice I can give
    except be gentle with the controls, and persevere. If your plane runs
    out of energy to soon, try standing closer to the air duct. Anyway, once
    you have hit that final button,a door will open on theother side of the
    room. Navigate the pipes and ledges(without falling) to the door. Push
    the button inside that room and a door will open back on the ground.
    Drop down and enter it.

    Area 6
    In this room notice the 3 bins round the edge of the room. Climb the
    ledges on the wall to the left of the entrance. Once you are at the
    top, wait for the ledge to come around to you, jump on and let it take
    you round. As you are going, pick up the yellow stuff. Keep on going ,
    then jump into the hole in the wall. From the ledge, shoot the big red
    button on the wall. Now drop to the floor of the previous room. Select
    the yellow stuff from the menu and the shoot once at each of the 3 bins
    that have opened. After 3 shoots the yellow stuff will run out. If you
    did it right, once the bins close each one should have a small flame
    coming out of it. repeat this, collecting the yellow stuff from the same
    place as before. If you do it right again, you should see a cut scene of
    some doors opening.Exit.

    Area 5 cont.
    Enter the doors on the opposite side of the room.

    Area 7
    Walk forward. To the right , you should see a vent. Acorn it and float
    up to the ledge. Walk to the end of the path, and shoot the target and
    the button that reveals it self. Now quickly collect the supercyps and
    morph.Super jump to the ledge on your left.Morph back and shoot the folk
    that is in the box controlling one of the big robots. Run round to the
    other side and kill the Folk that is controlling the other robot.Enter
    the door that opens

    Area 8
    Walk forward and then right. Walk through the doors and acorn the vent
    on your right. Now to make your way around this room, you have to stand
    on the small circles on the floor to activate the Pistons, as they come
    out, quickly jump on the little ledges that poke out then jump onto the
    next proper ledge. On the last one however you need to quickly jump
    inside, shoot the button and jump out again before they close. Now use
    the vent to get up to the ledge again and this time face the thing in
    the middle of the room. Shoot the button then leave the room and go
    through the only door you haven't been through.

    Area 9
    After meeting with doctor Folk, jump up onto the broken lift and then
    onto the ledge. Make your way across the path, being careful not to get
    sucked into the fan or pushed into nothingness.At the end, stand on the
    pipe and climb up to the next ledge. Shoot the buton to activate the big
    cargo lift. Jump onto the moving ledge and go upto the third level. Make
    your way across trying not to get hit by the pistons or electicity. At
    the end jump onto the ledge next to you and shoot the button. Now jump
    onto the big thing that comes towards past you and turn to face the
    button what you have to do is shoot each of the buttons as you go past
    them. Don't worry if you don't get them all in one go, just shoot them
    all. Once you have done that, a door on the ground opens. Enter.

    Area 10
    It's time to face EvilDave. To start, run over to the part of the wall
    that has a small electric source in the wall. Dodge daves bullets so
    they hit the electricity.Do this a few times and the floor above you
    should collapse so that you can get up onto it. Run round the path,
    hugging the wall so that you don't get hit. at the end shoot at the
    ladder a few times until it falls. If you haven't got any paper planes,
    climb the ladder and get some, if you have, shelter behind the ladder
    and use a paper plane to hit the green antenae on top of EvilDaves
    robot. once you do that climb the ladder and follow the path left into a
    room. shoot out the control system until it catches fire. Then exit via
    the other door and carry on following the path left until you reach
    another room shoot out the system there too. Now, drop back down behind
    the ladder, and use paper planes to hit the target on Evil daves chest
    panel until the robot falls. Watch the cut scenes! You're off to Loren

    (You may wish to visit the Demis to practise Daves new weapon)

    Enter the door to Loren Darith. Walk down the path and hop over the
    stepping stones until you see a cut scene.

    FORM #1
    To destroy this form of the master, you have to kill its four tail, the
    first three are easy, just shoot them until they die. To get the fourth
    one, run in crcles around him until he stops following you, then quickly
    stop and shoot.

    FORM #2
    To destroy this form, collect some Bubble Gum from the entrance. Go back
    down to the arena and look around at the ledges around you. You should
    see one with a baddie on. Bubble gum that baddie and use it to activate
    a switch on the ledge below it. Now collect some acorns from around the
    edge of the arena and use them on a vent. Float up to another ledge
    which should have another vent on. (If it doesn't, you have use the
    wrong vent. get down and find another one.)Use that vent and float up to
    another ledge.Collect some ammo for Daves new weapon and jump back down
    to the arena. Now find anpther vent and acorn that.Float up and go
    through the continue point. Shoot daves weapon at the small rock to
    create a temporary ledge. Jump on it to get to the next ledge. Do the
    same again for the next small rock. Collect all the paper planes then go
    back to the arena. Notice that in the each of the four corners of the
    arena there is a face that has a green glow. What you need to do is
    shoot the each face with a paper aeroplane and time it so that you hit
    it at while The Master is underneath it. So my suggested method is face
    the face(no pun intended)that The Master will be going to next. Avoid
    the green bolts he fires at you, and as soon as they stop, shoot a paper
    aeroplane at the face he is about to head to. with a bit of luck and
    timing, it should work. Do it with each of the 4 faces to win this

    FORM #3
    To defeat this form you simply have to shoot the platform that The
    Master is on until he runs out of platforms.

    Now congratulations, you just defeated one of the hardests games on the
    PS2 to date. Sit back and enjoy the ending!

    CHEATS .
    Infinite Continues
    Jump / Action / 1stp. view / Jump / Shoot

    Shoot / Shoot / Jump / 1st p. view / Action

    Action / Shoot / Jump / 1st p. view / Shoot

    Mega Shots
    Shoot / 1st p. view / 1st p. view / Action / Jump

    Rapid Firing
    Action / 1st p. view / Jump / 1st p. view / Shoot

    Bouncing balls
    Shoot / Action / Shoot / 1st p. view / Jump

    This has got to be one of the buggiest games around. The most common is
    the camera angles. Boy, do they spin! To combat the problem of crappy
    camera angles you can either, walk slowly in known problem areas, press
    R1 and L1 to put the camera behind you, or just fiddle wth the camera
    control buttons until you are happy. I personnally keep my right thumb
    on the analouge stick unless I need to take it off for using other
    buttons. The other problem that I have encouner for this is what I call
    the long haul flight syndrome. This is when you fall off the edge of
    something, and either catch on something so that you don't go anywhere,
    but Cyprien still thinks he is falling, or where you just fall and fall
    and fall fall and fall and fall fall and fall and fall fall and fall and
    fall fall and fall and fall fall and fall and fall ..... well you get
    the picture. The only way to combat this is to save often.

    Hoffe das ist ok.

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