Umfrageergebnis anzeigen: Welches Setting bevorzugt ihr?

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  • Das endgültige in dem alten Dorf.

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Thema: Welches Setting hätte euch in RE 4 besser gefallen?

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    Aug 04
    Im neuesten trailer sieht man einen schloß aber es wird da nicht so dunkel sein

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    Mitspieler Benutzerbild von jill-valentine
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    Oct 04
    Raccoon City


    Na dann können wir woll nur noch abwarten. ..ich hätt zwar das Schloss viel lieber gehabt, aber Capcom muss es ja wissen?! . Mal sehen, allerdings gefallen mir diese bekloppten aus dem Dorf ganz und gar nicht, wenn die einen ständig verfolgen? Naja, abwarten...

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    Aug 04
    Das lezte Interview mit dem RE-Producer

    Kobayashi: The goal has always been to create the perfect resident evil game, but more so what caused all these problems and these remakes to occur was that out initial concept for the game was to create a new innovative resident evil game, we used the words "model change", to change what this basic model, to change the formula that is behind resident evil, because by the time you get to the fourth, to the number four in the series if you dont have something new it gets stale, however thats easier said and done because its very easy to change to little and still have ok this is the same old resident evil ive played 100 times before, or change to much that alienates the fans and say what this isnt resident evil, what are you talking about, to find that sweet spot is much easier said then done, so finally with this new version we were able to come up with something that is enough new and enough old that old fans would appreciate the game and new people might wanna try it out.

    I dont know, probably alot of people already know this but devil may cry 1 was the original re4, the official as we see it,as capcom sees it, the official start of re4 when switched over the the cube and that was the re4 version which included promotional movies with leon incased in fog, walking through a deep fog, it changed from their which was shown last year at e3, in which leon is seeing a bunch of different illusions and strange creatures going through walls and attacking him, that was the second time we tried making re4, then there was a 3rd that was never announced and that didnt work either, which brings us to the current version the fourth time weve tried to remake re4 since it came onto the cube and finally we hit onto a successful formula.

    The game itself has changed and become more actiony as you've said, however there is still those scares, those shocking scenes that make you jump out of your seats, those are still in the game just now there is a greater emphasis on action and less on horror. When you think about it resident evil was scary because one- you didnt know what was on the other side of the camera and two- your in these very tight,compact environments and theres no place to run or hide so to speak, with this re4 you have these wide vast environments that take away the pressure that theres no place to run or hide, however one thing that has been added is that your against human like, now see i said human like because they arent human opponents but with that aspect comes intelligence and intelligent enemies are always gonna be more scary then enemies that are unintelligent because they will work together, they will trap you, they wil trick you, they will find a way to get you, so theres a certain fear that comes from facing opponents that are as intelligent as you instead of mindless creatures that just walk towards you.

    In addition to that by taking the game and putting it into this semi fps perspective now the degrees of which you can see is not just what you can see behind and infront of you in the hallways 360 degrees, so you only, just like you and i can only see what in front of us there could be something to the right to the left something anywhere behind us that is not in our line of sight, so theres that kind of pressure that was not in any re game before.

    The controls themselves, is actually an area that was criticized by foreign press alot, have not changed to much from previous re games, however due to the new camera they now match the game alot more dont feel as clunky as they did before, that being said one difference is the targetting system the original re you could only shoot 3 levels, this of course you can aim specific body parts so you have alot more variety.

    Initially leon walked alot slower and turned alot slower when firing but then we realised the enemies themselves are alot faster and they were turning quicker to so you had a huge disadvantage, one of the most difficult things is balancing, if the balance between your main character and how he interacts between the enemies, you cant give the enemies to much of an advantage because then the main chaarcter is at a disadvantage and its frustrating to play, you cant give the main character to many advantages cos then its to easy and not a challenge, so initially he was kind of slow so we sped him up a little bit and then after that we tried speeding him up more to see what effect it had, but when you speed up a game to much it changes the game from RE setting to a fps action game that we have tons of, so yes you can assume it is ment to feel slow and ment to create tension and yes we know about the non strafe issue that is bugging some american fps purists, however this game is not an fps it is a RE game and the second you put in a crazy sidestep or a quick dodge you now have taken a step from RE to the fps genre full blown.

    One thing that makes this RE unique from others is that there is many different bosses and enemies for that matter, more so then any other RE up until now, there is alot of variation with the bosses so there are a wide variey of ways to beat them, as you have mentioned there are weak points, it doesnt mean you have to shoot those weak points or focus on that weak point to win it just means it will die that much faster if you find that weak point and are able to exploit it. That being said there are also some bosses you need to require on interaction with the environment in order to defeat, ohhhh come on yu cant expect me to give away the answer to the riddle that easy, but i will say this "you can judge a book by its cover".

    *Goes to cutscene and gonado hearing a bell ring then going to the church and one says Lord Zadlor"

    Lord Zadlor is the ton elder so to speak, who is basically leading the people, in charge of ruling the people, in addition to that he is the ruler of this religion they are all into so he also is sort of like a preacher of sorts. The director mikami who actually created the series feels personally that that enemy is pretty unique among all the different enemies in action games and horror games and he has a unique flavour to him.

    With the context sensitive button feature of course in the intro your gonna use it alot but as you proceed through the game your gonna use it again and again and what makes it cool is the fact that weather your pushing down ladders or jumping over fences like you do in the demo version you can also perform special moves with leon, like youve seen his kick whcih later changes into a different move so all these features continue to change and evolve so its just really packed with alot of different animations and actions, which from r&d's perspective is a pain in the ass to animate all these special unique actions for a one shot deal.

    Your looking at about 20 weapons, and within the 20 weapons your gonna have your standard weapons, these are actually weapons you can buy in the game thats a new system thats been added, there are sniper rifles, the sniper rifle is a weapon that once you get it you an use it anywhere, theres your strong and powerful rocket launchers and even your handgun which you can modify and it gets strnoger and stronger as you modify it each time.

    Theres alot of different environments, not only going through the town, through caves, lakes, a huge castle later in the game, plus addition you can go into tons and tons fo diffrerent buildings, within the town itself, some are larger, some are smaller some have different amounts of floors etc etc.

    Concerning the play time the first time through your probably loking at about 20 hours which is very very long for a RE game.

    Yoshiaki Hirabayashi: Although we're shooting for reality and i dont know weather US gamers like blood or dont there are gonna be some pretty gruesome scenes, and cutscenes in the game which should be something that scares some gamers. Leon can get his head cut off so its pretty shocking seeing the main character your controllings head fly off his body. Our whole concept we are pushing through with our cutscenes is fear through reality, so we have not taken any camera angles that are just ridiculous that you see in movies these days, we are not taking any camera angles that are not possible for humans to look through that way, there are no matrix-esque spinning around 360 degree camera angles, our whole emphasis was on making the game feel as natural and as realistic as possible. The enemies that appear in it are already weird and strange enough and if you take camera angles on top of that that just are not realistic then theres to much of a spearation between reality and game and people wont be able to get dragged into the world. Through reality we are able to draw into the world the game so that was always the goal to focus on realistic camera angles that can be seen from any perspective.

    My main actual work i focus on is animating facial expressions for the characters and let me just tell you that is a pain in the butt big time, especially for this game, up until now we've not done facial motion capture but li sync which is you film a persopn speaking and try and animate the character to those lips but the director felt that didnt look real enough so instead we based the lip movement off sounds of the people speaking and did it all by hand.

    Masaki Yamanaka: Leon has changed an awful lot during the last 3 remakes of re4 for the cube, initially it was always planned for leon to be the main character so that hasnt changed but how he looks, acts and his personality have changed an awful lot just because the story has changed.

    initially leon was gonna be more of your average every day joe this perosn who has the rookie cop experience plus maybe a little bit more, so hes not 100% sure of himself hes not a strong mature character. Now however he is a secret service agent and with that comes skill, knowledge, patience, experience so he really is a rpo compared to what he was gonna be.

    Leon himself is about 3 times the polygons as normal enemies, the reason why is plain enemies you have to have mroe then one on screen at a time so you cant have them be as detailed as leon, when you get to cutscenes that model is even more detailed then the game model so that has even more polygons, leon now looks as though hes about 7000 polygons, final enemies can go anywhere into 10000.

    We have put our all into making leon a very cool character, instead of character emphasis should be placed on his personality because through all the cutscenes in the game and the different context sensitive action he can do you really get a sense of his coolness.

    Yoshiaki Hirabayashi: If i was gonna say how much we have put into this game compared to others id say about 200% and that would not be an overstatement.

    Kobayashi: The thing im excited most about i think we've created an awesome experience that people, gamers, casual games, hardcore gamers, fans of the series, non fans of the series and get into and enjoy.

    Also, am ende wird ein Schloss vorkommen, aber ohne den überholten*ich durch den gang gehen * *zombie aus dem schatten springen* OldScool RE Horror

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    mir gefällt dieses dorf mit den zombie-menschen-dinger da eigentlich recht gut

    auch der wald um's dorf finde ich recht gut gelungen.... tja; das schloss wäre mir aber auch recht gewesen

    cya eva
    저는 거기 가고 네가 저기 갑니다...

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    Oct 04
    Ich mach mir keine Sorgen dass das RE 4 nicht zu wenig horror haben wird.Bin schon ganz gespannt.
    Das Dorf iss halt mal etwas neues

    Gibt Inzwischen schon wieder neue Trailers??Hab vor 1 Monat den letzten gesaugt!!

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    RE 4 sah schon sehr geil aus habe ein paar Szenen in der Gamepro gesehen und die neue Kulisse find ich jetzt nicht so schlimm

    Dark Paladin 25
    Wir leben in einer Welt voller Chaos

    Aber irgendwie ist die Welt schön

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