Mal was für Fan's der Kartensuche

_.:|«The Monsters»|:._
2x Searcher
3x Fiend Scorpion
2x Pharaoh's Servant
2x Pharaonic Protector
2x Souls of the Forgotten
2x Mystic Tomato
1x Cannon Soldier
1x Exiled Force

_.:|«The Spells»|:._
2x Non Spellcasting Area
1x Dust Barrier
3x Level Limit Area B
1x Enchanted fitting room
2x Heart of the Underdog
1x The Law of the Normal
2x Thousand Energy
6x Staples (kein Change of Heart)
1x Premature Burial

_.:|«The Traps»|:._
3x Human Wave Tactics
1x IO
1x Fake Trap
2x Soul Resurrection
1x Call
2x Waboku

2x22 Karten